What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Shouldve got a silverado with a duramax. Will run forever


Yeah, I think the S10 was the issue but I still feel like they could have done more.


1/2 off on a 2 week expired warranty was a good offer lol.


This was a good thread. Felt like revisiting. @FyshhTrap been doing any fishing?

I’m gearing up for deer season now. Got a few cameras out trying to get em located earlier this year!


Nice truck you have there and I don’t have 3 15’s in the back but I got this to play with. Meet Black and Caine

My truck 2003 Caddy Escalade has 2 kicker 12 L7’s and sitting on 24’s

My car 1988 Caddy brougham has 4 kicker CVX 12’s and sitting on 150 spoke 22" Daytons

I’m also in to n scale trains very relaxing and soothing while putting a fat one in the air


I also have to add this one as it’s mine but I gave to my dad because I hit a patch of black ice and car did donuts and I said I prayers as I thought I was a goner. I’ll get back when I get a little older and can handle the power. 1996 chevy impala classic

And here’s what the wife drives 2006 caddy STS V-Series. She can handle better than I can. I get in her and have a lead foot.

I’m not far behind ya but I’m behind you though and yes I’m a caddy and chevy man myself


I got a few in the stables just dont pull them all out



Is that a Buick Regal or Oldsmobile cutlass supreme. I love I love I love


Its not a hobby until I retired but I still enjoy taking a commercial trip every now and then

the bottom is a fun trip we took in the 90s those were party trips .


Their cutlass


Still got a few coming out


That’s a nice king! Top pic grouper?
I made friends with a charter guide in Florida, he comes deer hunting with me and I get to fish for free! Went down there last month in hopes of a big tarpon, tropical wench Cindy had other plans.


Hey can I ship my caddy to you to update my paint for me?


Just got back from five days in Cape Cod


Have u thought of updating your caddy to a 92.?


No I been in love with this caddy since I was a kid and finally got my hands on one. It only had 39000 on the dash and it’s my dream old school. I went on an official visit to LSU for football and their star tailback at the time was Cecil diesel Collins. He had a burnt orange one with the rims the same color as the car with 4 15’s in the trunk and when I say it humped it HUMPED and I been in love since then. Plus my dad had caddys when I was growing up. What did you have in mind for the 92 upgrade? Also I’m lookin for a cutlass like you have any chance you know where I can find one?


Look up 92 Fleetwood package… Convert yours like that. @Onlythebest79


It’s got to much curve for me liking. I’m more of the box shape. All me cars are all original engine no upgrades except the rims, brake package and sound system. But I do need that paint job or if you know any people in the Tampa Orlando Florida shoot me the business name.


Yeah that’s a Wahoo we cought flat lining live bait offshore. Where is your buddy out of ? I fished for a living for 25 years out of Clearwater and Johns Pass


All my work gets done out of cali by street life customs… Check out reds Miami for something local…