What's Your (Other) Hobby?


If you fished out of Clearwater then I can almost guarantee you fished right where I caught that snook! My buddy lives in Clearwater.
This was on the south side of the inlet at honeymoon island.


Would you be interested in doing some airbrushing for me? For pay :moneybag: of course.
Motorcycle subject material. Maybe start with long sleeve gray and or khaki work style shirts with my bike pic on the back as realistic as possible.
And then some work on my bike, send you one or two parts at a time.


I am not set up to do a lot any more. I lost my compressor when I moved here. I need a good quiet indoor one.

Also, my disability is getting pretty bad on my hand. That sketch was really painful on my hand. I will probably lose two finger tips this fall. So I do what I can.


@Stomper Brother Iā€™m extremely sorry to hear that. Your truly talented! Looking at your work is a privilege.
Iā€™m not a praying man but I send you all the good vibes I can.


I know honeymoon island well we used to shark fish up there all the time at the spring just off shore of it a couple miles . Yeah between me and my father and rest of the family . We fished out of there for over 50 years . My Dad ran the Super Queen for years I worked the 36 hour trips on the florida fisherman . Bet I know your buddy if he has been doing that longer than 10 years . Whats the boats name


Last names Tanner. He only does inshore charters. Small boat. Usually launch in Clearwater off Seminole or Courtney Campbell. My wife was living in Tampa when we started dating. Went out with him to bend some poles and instantly got the salt fishing bug.


@Beans is that first picture of Crappie or what?! Theyā€™re monsters!! @FyshhTrap beautiful striper! @Dr.DankThumb420 sick rides as always dude!



Yeah man! I live fairly close to one of the best crappie lakes in the states. Check out Grenada lake when you get a min.

Got these in my pond behind the house. Hybrids, not suppose to get overpopulated and stunted. Put em in 3 yrs ago, waiting for them to hit that 12" mark before I start keeping them. Which wonā€™t be long!


Nice specs ! I love fishing, fresh water mostly. But have been able to drop a line off of the pier. Hooked a manta ray about 6ft acrossšŸ˜²
I know itā€™s not a sport fish,but it should bešŸ™ƒ
Sucker boutique pulled me off the pier



sorry only just saw this post and have red through some serious interests here and here is mine :slight_smile:


Basically I hunt my uncleā€™s land for deer and hogs,process own kills,grow gardens,can/jar/preserve all I can.Never been much of a smoker till a friend told me I should start smoking since I already have a do-it -yourself attitude and I harvest things anywayā€¦long story short,I started smoking because I get the do-it - yourself aspect of growing/harvestingā€¦lolā€¦wish I would have met that friend a decade agoā€¦lol


So very hillbilly of you :white_check_mark::man_farmer:
Iā€™m hillbilly to the bone


Yeah bud the only Tanner I knew didnā€™t fish . I spent the first 10 years on a long line boat and bandit boats then went to the charter boats and party boats at the Clearwater Marina at the end of route 60 . Most of my time there was on the charter boat gypsy and the daisy mae


Veryyy nice dude @Beans, Iā€™m extremely jealous! I used to go catch crappie with my Uncle back when I was like 12! Now I really only catfish and trout fish. I donā€™t have the money to do deep sea or bay fishing, but I love to take my kayak out and catch whatever I can lol!



Homebrew natural fruit wine 16-18% vol. Currently Banana strawberry & Berry mix made with fresh fruit.


I am working on setting up a forge in the back yard. Have always wanted to make knives and swords and suchā€¦so I am gonna do it.
working on a disability claim right now and even if I get it, well, it just aint gonna be enough money to surviveā€¦so if I get the hang of bladesmithing it may provide a suitable supplemental incomeā€¦and some entertainment as well.


I think bladesmithing/blacksmithing is groovy,watch Forged in Fire all the timeā€¦Father in law is a farrier and offered one of his small forges and an anvil to me,I may take him up on his offer to teach me what he knows.He basically makes tools of the trade,but since I have no experience at all,what he can teach will help bunchesā€¦Go for it Oak!


yeahā€¦I watch all the shows tooā€¦there are things to learn there even while being entertained.
If you are really interested check out the you tuber thingā€¦there are dozens of smiths and literally thousands of videosā€¦ some show how to make basic smithing tools out of rebar,ā€¦others show how to make different items one can sellā€¦decorative items and suchā€¦stacks of videos on knife and sword making,ā€¦ranging from basic to advancedā€¦some using poor techniques, while others are making swords that will sell for thousandsā€¦dudes make hammersā€¦hellā€¦there are even videos on how to make home made forges and anvilsā€¦both of which I have out back, lol.


Yup,Iā€™ve tried for years not to give in to you tube or just googling things,but dang it,if you want to find out how to do something, someoneā€™s out there to show you how.Heck,this summer me and my uncle got on the tube and learned how to take the safety off my cub cadet lawn mower so I can cut grass in reverse with out the blades shutting offā€¦lol