What's Your (Other) Hobby?

Besides growing I know a lot of us have other hobbies. Mine is art. I have been able to combine my hobby with my disability too. Here are some pics of my stuff…

Airbrushed t-shirts and my prosthetic leg socket.


That’s nice I’d like to see more ! …I haven’t painted in over a decade but I used to be an oil acrylics painter, I had a website for a time too …thinking of doing it again ?

My other hobby used to be pit barbecue but it’s become a little difficult with the disability

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Couple more …


I like to make longboards. I’ve been working in my dads wood shop since I was a kid, and I love working with wood. I haven’t been long boarding as much as I used to, and it saddens me when I think about it, but life is forever changing so I just have to accept it.

This one was one of my favorites. Sadly, it broke after a few crazy hills!

This is under side of the Autism longboard

This is the one I’m currently making, haven’t decided on a paint job yet.

My little brother is autistic so I made the longboard specifically with him in mind.

I’m also a big deer hunter, and now that it’s deer season I’ll be spending many of hours out in the woods, where I absolutely love it. Here is my crossbow. Soon I’ll dig up my deer head from last year. The first deer I ever killed myself was last year. I buried the head so that I could dig it up and have it for myself.


I am autistic as well…asperger’s syndrome… can be inconvenient at times…when you are 6’2" and 320 lbs with no social filters,…people always think you want to fight…which is really never the case…I am just good at pissing people off I guess.

I do enjoy archery shooting…never used a crossbow but I have a PSE Stinger…3rd Gen I think??

320 ft per sec,…75 ft lbs of force… shoots very flat…only need one pin inside of fifty yards.

I am not real good, but I have 14 practive arrows and from fifty yards I can place all 14 within about an 8-10" circle… it is good enough if I ever get hungry, lol.


That’s awesome to hear! I sometimes worry about him when he gets older and how people treat other people now a days is just crazy. Ive already had to stick up for him and the autistic community many times. I will always stand up for them too.

PSE makes quality stuff so you’ve definitely got a nice bow there! I just bought a new scope for the crossbow and I’m working on getting it sighted in from 20 yards out to 60. It’s a little crossbow, Barnett Recruit, 125 lb draw back, 300+ fps.I hike through the woods with it and my climber tree stand. Most days I walk trails until I find a decent area, then pick a tree and climb it. I just wish I had more buddy’s around to go out with. 9/10 times I’m just out of range of a kill, and I always said, damn if I had my friend set up by me one of us would have got a kill! :v:

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I load ammo :grin:


my uncle and I used to load .357 rounds,… but for some reason we could never load more in a night than we could shoot the next day, lol.


I’m like @ktreez420,

I lov working with wood.


Very beautiful Will! I always really liked the natural wood style like you have done. I’ll show my tables I made tomorrow, and little liquor cabinet I made my freshman year :v:

I remember you saying that when I did a post in the lounge.
I got an order for a head & footboard yesterday.
I’ll post pic’s as I make it.


I got something in mind. And would like to talk to you. You are very talented and mite have…well I do have something that you mite be interested in. Let me know OK


As long as the conversation doesn’t start with “Psssst, hey Buddy…” I will listen to any one. I will try to get some pics of my oil paintings here today.

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Well I’m an avid outdoorsman mostly fishing. I also hunt, but fishing is my weakness. I tie my own flies mainly using them for steelhead and trout. I’m a stay at home dad, so every chance I get free most likely I’m on the river trying my new flies out to see how they perform. But deer season is a couple weeks away so I will be heading deep into the woods with killer , killer is my .270 savage we love each other


@Oak yeah I hear ya! But when your M99 Barrett sends $3 down range every time you squeeze the trigger, you make time for loading the .50 BMG lol. I tried to find a pic of my loading bench O well

I have never owned anything that big…and back in the military days my smuggling skills were pretty amateurish, lol

What did you have in mind, @garrigan62?

I have a 1995 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 and was thinking of a trade. What ever you need you air brush the two fenders and gas tank and I’ll trade you a coffee table. I’ll set some tables up and you can pick one out.
The theme I want is Egyptian the spinks with the three pyramid’s Star’s out with Orion in the sky and so on you use you imagine and work your talent
What do y think,?


Lol. I’m no service man. I support and respect them though. I purchased the Barrett from the local gun dealer. I guess my screen name is a little misleading but it’s my Xbox gamer tag.


that’s okay man. By some peoples recollection I am not a service man either… just a few years thirty years ago that ended in a BCD… but no matter what anyone things I bleed red white and blue and will kill or die for old glory without hesitation if the call is made.
my son serves now. he just graduated boot in june. For several years I threatened to shoot him in the knee if he tried to enlist,lol…figured our family has paid enough to deserve a generation off… but he got older…and how could I respect him as a man if I couldn’t respect his decisions?
I could never have anticipated the swell of pride the first time I saw him in uniform…lol…and now I’m sniveling again,…lol…damned low t…