What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Right here in your favorite town to visit, Andover :slight_smile:

Thank you. Stayed up all night to get that shot. Nowadays I’m up all night anyway


Nice. I got alot of trophies too , this truck has been all around the east coast , and west coast and hundreds of car shows. Truck was built in Louisville Kentucky in 2008


Thanks and yeah, gotta love the palm trees


18 high and 1 low on Thurs night/Friday. BRRRR… stay warm!


Nice man. I like audis. And yeah it probably doesnt lol. Truck was hitting over 120 decibels last time it was tested


my old chevy wont win any trophies, lol… but I do have 860 watts running through two Pioneer 12’s… I can feel it pretty good…does not sound the best but I cannot crank highs anyway, hurts my ears and makes me manic… but I love to feel the bass


I can turn it all the way up without any distortion but I can’t really listen that loud so it works for me :slight_smile: And good in the snow :slight_smile:


Chevy the way to go man.


I can turn mine as loud as I want the limit doesnt exist, crystal clear voice. The thing is you can tell what song im playing when im coming, can hear the voice and bass clear no distortion. Im pushing around 10k watts, amp for each speaker and amp for all the door speakers


Does a keg pop out of the side?


What Chevy? Beat always sounds good in a box chevy


Are you talking about a port for the air? No it doesnt. My speakers are custom, the whole truck is the speaker box


The beer dispenser bro. LOL


Lol those paintings are really detailed


The gains on the amps arent even halfway up. The windows already flex. Dont need to turn it up its already loud. You will hear me at the car show lol


The bass in this is intense


The amps are 1300w x2 one ohm stable so its around 10k watts. 13 speakers and 4 amps. All BOSTON ACOUSTIC everything


I drive a 96 ext cab stepside with boxed 12’s under the back seat


Nice. Chevy foo life


Chevy lost my business for poor customer service. Had an S10 Blazer (probably the mistake). Went thru 3 transmissions. The last one was 2 weeks out of warranty and they wouldn’t cover it. Called GM directly and he said they’d pay 1/2. I said that wasn’t good enough (considering there was a deductible on the other transmissions). He said, “Ok, we’ll give it to someone who will appreciate it”. That was the end of that. Drove it in reverse (all that worked) to the Acura dealer and traded it in.