VIRGINIA outdoor strain

Thats always a possibility unfortunately :pensive:.

For next years grow plant a couple rows of the giant sunflowers against the fence!
Those suckers get ten foot tall and who doesn’t love a sunny yellow flower?!?
Plus the birds will thank you when they fill up with seed for them to pluck out!
Everybody wins!


Getting close on the blueberry? Fan leaves are still dark green, but the trichomes are starting to turn cloudy. Day 66 from germination.


And here is the crash test dummy, whom my 30-year-old daughter named Spider-Man. Back from the dead and looking really close. Northern Lights, day 78, but has lived a rough life.


Looks like she has a long way to go yet. I’d guess ~4 weeks (maybe more).

Always + or -, but very rough guideline with Auto’s… Assume about 4 weeks of veg and 8 weeks of flower.

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My white widow auto

at 6 1/2 weeks


Those look terrific.

Hello all . Hope everyone is doing good and all the grows are happy . @Tylersays lol on the sun flowers I use them as a wind and foul weather blocker

She is up to about 6’5" tall now and starting preflower . @Cannabian you were right about using a spot in a vegetable garden, so far I have given only 1 supplemental Epsom salt feeding and a couple of Calcium additions just as a prevention because I have never had a grow not need more Cal-Mag .
Definitely the biggest I have been able to let a plant get obviously being a indoor grower . And I am hopeful it will be one of those pound and a half
beasts . I have only had 4 plants get over a pound and only just over . I’m normally 10 to 14 oz a plant in the tent so 2 grows at 4 plants a grow usually is all a year needs for me .


Congratulations :clap: it looks lovely. Yeah, line Ive been saying all along, cannabis is pretty hearty and will grow fairly well in modest garden soils… the biggest difference is the ability for a much larger root mass.
Looks like you are on the road to a pound or better for sure!

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Checking in from the Piedmont region of Virginia. First grow ever. Never believed legalization would happen in our great Commonwealth. My seed is of unknown strain. Found it in the bottom of an oz. Planted in 5 gallon bucket. Water daily. Call her Mary Jane.


Looking good man!

Central Virginia here…for some reason there seems to be an influx of Virginia growers suddenly! LOL!
You’ll catch the fever soon enough and be over in the shop buying seeds for next year, When my next order arrives I’ll have 5 from ILGM, works awesome if you have a buddy split a 10+10 deal with you.

Whenever I actually crawl beyond the bed this morning I’ll get some recent pics of my grow and post.

Welcome to the forum!
Good Luck and Happy Growing!


Thanks! I just just started 3 white widow autos last night. Hope to get them to harvest before cold weather sets in. I have definitely been bitten by the bug lol. Not sure what I am doing yet but am doing a lot of reading. I did everything wrong with Mary Jane but she seems to be thriving in spite of me. I am just east of Charlottesville. Really dry summer here so far. Polar opposite of last year.


@Hooscrazy we may live in the same neighborhood. Lol. Can’t believe how dry it is here and the heat is on its way again for next week.

Watch out for the deer. They’ve been brutal to my vegetable garden this year.

Happy growing!

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I believe there’s a lot of you guys up there! I remember at least two other growers in the area between C’ville and Richmond.
If the Bible belt starts in Virginia, I’m right at the buckle. LOL!
I didn’t necessarily agree with the politics, but at least the dad was honest about who he was. The two now are about the most arrogant, spoiled, a-holes I’ve ever met. And I’ve met both.
Well, 1 down, 1 to go at least! LOL!

I’ve got a pretty busy day ahead but I got a quick snap a few minutes ago of my outside ladies!

They all got 2gal of Ph’d water and CalMag yesterday. Sunday the big ladies, Granddaddy Purple, will get a full Fox Farm feeding. The shorter, younger New York Diesel’s will get another CalMag since they’re in Happy Frog with a 2" cap of Ocean Forest, so nute-wise they’re good for another 2-3 weeks. The 2 little GDP in the “I swear they died, officer” pot in the back gets the leftovers when I get runoff from the other ladies.
I started a few seeds for a couple of family members and friends and I miss counted LOL
I’m pro-life when it comes to my girls! LOL!

@Hooscrazy Autos run their cycle pretty quickly and typically we really don’t get cold until late October or even mid-November. Healthy plants can easily live through a lite frost or two and the cold temps can do some crazy things on weed plants, changing colors and even potency. You could probably push them further by bringing in at night and back out during the day for a couple weeks to finish the buds, if weather warrants.
Have you checked out the Guides on the site? They’re an invaluable asset to any grower.

@AEAgain - Everything going well for you this week I hope! I keep getting the white splotches and I’m starting to think it’s not splash or the things we’ve been thinking. It doesn’t seem to be detrimental to the girls but it is weird. I have a couple of spots this morning in places where I KNOW I couldn’t have splashed. I mix in a 5gal bucket and pour on the plants at the soil level with a 1000ml measuring cup from Walnutz so I know what each is getting and can go slow and soak the entire pot for root growth.
Yet this morning I have a couple of spots right at the top of the plant.
When I get a chance I’m gonna do a deep dive into the net and see what I can find.

My motion sensors will be here today and although I’m more worried about non-hooved marauders it’ll be nice to know if anything is approaching my ladies. Don’t make me put the video of you trying to steal my plants on YouTube, because I will, neighborhood kids! LOL!
My back-up plan in a Mastiff!

Have a GREAT DAY! And Happy Growing Everyone!!


I’ve got a gate on my deck and hang windchimes on it every night. Nobody’s getting in without making a lot of noise!

As long as they stay over there on the feed corn, I’m cool with them.
So far this year it’s the antique roses we bought from the Old City Cemetery that has been their favorite!
BTW - the deer repellents aren’t worth crap!


I’m thinking you may be in the area of a famed and scandalous “university” in VA. And I just realized what the Bible belt buckle meant. Good one. :+1:

Using quotes around the word “University” is totally correct in this situation!! LOL!
There are three types of kids there - ones who want to be, ones who’s PARENTS want hem to be, and ones that are too damn stoopid to get into any other school. Come in, Come in! Get out your checkbook and we’re good! LOL!

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UVA is routinely ranked as the best public university in the US. The average SAT for the First Year class this year at UVA is 1440. The acceptance rate is 23%. Super hard to get into.

Long gone are the days when mommy and daddy could pull enough strings to get a weak student in.

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UVA gave me a chance to enroll back in 1976, which I squandered, and dropped out.

UVA then gave me a second chance in 1980, along with enough financial aid, to graduate. It changed my life.

Today, my application would end up in the reject pile almost immediately!

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