VIRGINIA outdoor strain

Will be legal here soon. It gets in the 90s and humid. Will use FoxFarm Ocean Forrest.
But for a hot humid climate what is your go-to strain that grows well?
I’m looking at the Outdoor Mix here which is Amnesia Haze, OG Kush, Super Skunk. But there so many to choose from.


Fancy meeting you here :joy:
I have a fever , and the only prescription is “Blue Dream.” :crazy_face:
But really I am curious about outdoor strains. I want to try the BONZA pack sometime-but it will be a while.
I am trying the Sativa pack ,with Gold Leaf this season.
Happy Hunting!!

SL out.

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In high humidity areas I would think a sativa heavy strain may do better than a indica dominant strain. The bud of a sativa is a little more open than a dense indica. This should help dry out and help prevent bud rot and mold which will be a major concern. Choose strains that specifically say are mold resistant.
Sativas are a little more challenging to grow and tend to taller.


Which auto-flowering strain would be the most successful candidate for just tossing a few seeds into the compost pile and let it grow on its own? With weekly fish emulsion and kelp liquid feeding along with my tomatoes and other plants.

Central Virginia btw.

central Va here too, south of the capital
july 1 baby!!!


White widow

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I grew Amnesia last summer and they took the Midwest heat like a champ. And when the October frost came ,they finished well

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Super skunk is a good one im on east coast just north of u same zone

I’m jealous but I’m right next door. I also agree about the sativas. You could also train your indicas too. An old friend used to run outside here in WV and he always wound up with mold issues. Rather than be overly concerned with strains I’d be more focused on ensuring u can get them proper air flow.

Never grew outdoors but my ac craped out last summer and I was growing Acapulco gold from b.f. and it is straight fire and if you remember last summer was hot and I flipped just a week before ac quit

Central Virginia here as well. Sativa, sativa, sativa my man. Our humidity really sucks during the months of July and August and I think indicas will give us some issues but if you’re like me, you’ll probably experiment with some Indica dominant strains and see what you can shake… Sativa originates in hot and humid climates and the yield is usually solid.

Va We made it!! Happy growing!

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Smack between Richmond and Charlottesville over here . Doing my 1st outside grow that can be tended properly. Had a couple of sad attempts but I have some Bruce Banner beans that should be here in a day or 2 some Mowi just going into flower in the tent and my stand by go to Gold leaf in the tent also. Got the biy 10 get 10 on the BBs so 3 to grow seriously and one to experiment with. July good but my current grow will just have to stay in the tent .anyone else plan pn getting the grow going asap like I do ? I’m putting mine right in the middle of the wifes veggie garden and not worrying about who sees . My neighbors ALL smoke even the blue haired granny . The benefits of being in a farming community.