The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


It’s not hard. On the 3 pins just use the middle and one side. Doesn’t matter which. Test out soldering two wires together first for practice. And watch a few videos. It’s not hard but there’s definitely a art to it. And with practice it gets easier.


@DoobieNoobie I’m still polishing my finger nails man! :wink:
Yeah… that’s what I’ve figured… watched a few today and to be fair it looks a piece of p*ss. :muscle: “Who rules the world”… “Girls” x


Oh you of lil faith :joy: what can possibly go wrong! :thinking::roll_eyes::wink:


Also known as: “Hold my beer!” hahaha!


I think it’s freezing all over it’s the Uk after all I think it’s going to get a lot more yet it’s blood cold and rainin to day anyway all good I hope bless


Hello from sunny UK… naaaat! It’s bloody freezing here with battering winds and sleety rain. They say the snow is on its way and am sure I can feel it in my bones. Back is in agony today :disappointed_relieved:.
Anyhooooo… nout to report ref grow. Just taken delivered of the little knobs (no pun intended guys) but before i set about them… I put the board up the other day after chatting to some of you. Kept them 30 maybe 32" away from my babies so as not to fry them. The boards are sooooo hot. Are they supposed to be like this.? Also I have driver sitting on top(which is also as hot as toast) am I better rewiring this to maybe outside of grow space? Surely sitting where it is will create a hot spot with leds? Am I wrong? :see_no_evil::raising_hand_woman:‍♀


You could certainly move the driver outside to help reduce heat. But yeah all lights put out heat and that’s quite a bright light. It should be uncomfortably warm. So hot enough to not want to hold it but not so hot as to immediately burn you. That sound about where you’re at?


Yeah defo. Stuck a fan in there for the time being as I’ve only got the one up.
Just nearly had a heart attack! Sleeping peacefully and house alarm starts blaring… I thought it was next door until I got up to look. 1st thought that entered my head was…oh feck. I’ve blew the street up with my lights and undereducated wiring techniques!
Was only a frikkin power cut! My heart is racing! :joy::joy::joy:


What about a hotspot @DoobieNoobie? If I leave driver on top? x


It won’t bother it. I think some people get longer bolts and nuts to raise it up an inch or so. If you’re worried you can always put a little fan up on top to blow air across it. It helps quite a bit surprisingly.


Champion. You’ll do for me my lovely. Thank you…:hugs: Am off to try and get back to sleep. Not sure what time it is where you are but have a good day/night x


That was about 9pm. Almost 1am now :tired_face: time for bed hope you have a good day today.


Learning new tricks along the way :hugs::muscle::v:


Always good to get the good old tricks in haha :joy:


Look at you go! Good work!


Evening all… well I’ve been away for the weekend and came back to a couple of my baby girls having marked leaves. One imparticular. So I’ve had a look about in here and I don’t think it’s leaf burn from leds being too close. As i made sure they are at least 30" from them, as no dimmers. I’m thinking nutes burn? What do you think guys? (And Gals obvs) @PurpNGold74 @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 … Other thing is… I now have my dimmers on and in place. How far from the plant should my lights be? And should i be dimming right the way down til flower? Thank you my lovelies x


Looks like a calmag deficiency. Lol I swear everyone using high powered lights gets it. But let’s ask @raustin to be sure.

I’ve ran my lights at about 75% power just so I could bump it up once it gets fully into flower.


Yep, I agree, it’s a calcium deficiency. It’s very common with powerful lights. If your Ph is good then just add some Cal Mag to their next watering.


Thank you! So 75% lights and how far from tops would you say? I can lower once dimmed yeah? X


Yeah I’ve kept mine at around 24 inches. I’d lower the power to 50% and put it at 24" then slowly bring the power up to 75% over a week or two while watching for stretching. Then leave the power and just keep the light adjusted as it grows.