The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


So first… let me introduce myself. I’m a 50 something (cough cough) lady (using the term loosely) who has had 3 successful grows. But all from clones. Around 2 months ago I decided to give the seeds a bash. So here I am. I’d like to use this space to journal my grow and learn how to put my mistakes right. ( am sure there’ll be a few)
I debated and debated which seeds to purchase and finally chose WW. 1) For the yield and 2) I would like to use tincture at the end if all this. I’m already using something ‘a friend’made for me but to be honest in sends me into hyper space :woman_facepalming:. I suffer from chronic back pain and have been off work for a grand total of 4 months now. Not really being able to get out and about either… So, enough about me and back to the juicy bits. My seeds arrived in a timely fashion (thank you Mr B) and I promptly placed them in a glass of water for around 3 days.
Nothing happened! I took advice from another user on here who told me to place them on wet paper towel and zip lock them. Ta dah! The very next day they cracked and started their journey. :grin:
I’ve now planted these into small pots (6) and popped them into a heated prop. Placed a 8w full spectrum led light over them, give them a spray and left them to it.
I’ve been away for 2 days so on my return run up the stairs to have a look at them. DISASTER!
Stretch city! Back to the forum I came and had much advise from lots if helpful folk and it was decided that my babies needed more light. I’m about 4 days in… So am gonna take the top off the prop and get that light as close as possible. Just whilst I try and find T5’ in UK that I can replace with. I hope and pray they will recover :pray: so that’s where am up to for now. I’ve posted pics. I’ll post again in a couple of days when I’m sorted.



They’re a little stretched, but they look good and healthy. When you transplant them up you can bury those long stems and they will grow roots. You’re doing great.


Hello there, not to worriy, they can be transplanted into bigger pots and burry the stretched stem or use a small stick and a tie down for support.


Yay for a new grow journal. And I got a giggle from the title. A back injury is what brought me to here as well. So I’ll be following along with your grow. Mine are just a week or so older than yours.


Something like this should work fine to stop the stretching, I have one similar, works great for seedlings and clones


@DoobieNoobie… defo helps to have a sense of humour :joy:. I’ll have to have a look at yours x


I’m actually looking at this now. Sealed the deal! :wink::blush:


Haha yep gotta roll with the punches.


Don’t worry your plants will do fine just keep in mind that they are going to develop some roots and not much leaf development for about a week then they should takeoff a develop the leaves and like Joe once said you’ll get by with a little help from your friends


Here I am again… day 5 week 2. Thanks for all your feedback guys. My lights have arrived whoooop :raised_hands: just in time me thinks cos the lil blighters are nearly touching the top of the prop. Jeez… they just look like water cress atm. So I’ve got the same as @DoobieNoobie and switched it on :joy:. No idea what all the buttons are for but hey it’s all on and working so am marginally happy…ish. Could someone have a look at pics please and advise if need to be closer or further away. Ah and I forgot say yesterday… when I was potting seeds I used a pair of tweezers. And promptly dropped one in the sink in a cup of tea! :woman_facepalming: Nevertheless I potted and marked the pot. It’s the tiny one in the middle. Many I shoulda give them all a rinse with the tea :woman_shrugging:. All help greatly appreciated as always x


You’ll have to do this by trial and error. If they start looking light bleached move the light up. If they still stretch move it down. But I think that’s a good distance to start.


Soz @DoobieNoobie didnt mean, you meant @Mrcrabs light set up.
I’ve also put a little more soil round the lil buggers just to give a little bit more support. X


Yep and when you transplant them to bigger pots just bury them deep enough to cover about half that stem.


#prayforstells :pray: x


Lookin good so far. Light stretching happens to us all. Just keep plowing


Ah see now i feel better! :hugs::joy: x


How’s the babies today?


Day 6 week 2. I want to cry. More stretch @DoobieNoobie. I think Jack is on the hunt for his Beanstalk! Tops of 2 babies just say touching top of prop. I’ve move the lights as far down as I can get them. On the plus side the one I dropped in the tea looks canny! See what happens xx



Damn. Yeah they’re light hungry. Hopefully putting it close as you can will help.


Are u running your original light and the new one? Another thing. Get something to elevate ur plants a few inches. May not be off by much. Couple inchs n theyll thank u.

Lunchbox, block of wood, just peak around the house for something stable