The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


You are the 100th comment! Whoop! No prize am afraid tho doobs. :woman_facepalming:Thank you so much for your help. I’m on it x


Haha I didn’t even notice :grin: I let mine get closer but that height seems to be the best to allow the plant to grow in height. But you can adjust it as needed if you see the plant starting to grow to much height.


Champion… you’ll do for me. Lights out here…literally…zzzzz x


Have a good night


They have you covered, I’d say you can lower some and then increase dimmer a little after a few days. I would also agree that appears to be beginning stage of calcium deficiency.


Evening all… not really much to report. That cal def seems to have only been in the one plant? And the one leaf… strange. So anyhooo I’m not treating the full lot… I’m spayinf the one plant with cal mag. We will see what happens. I’m sure these plants don’t look right tho… They look a bit erm… crumpled… wrinkly… what do you “experts” reckon? Lights on 75%
I’m a bit lost off now with dates etc… these have now been in their forever homes a week yesterday. Obvs I’m growing from seed not clones as I have in the past. And I’m not sure how long I need to leave them in veg. I’m gonna top them once they get past 5 nodes tho. And the 2 at the back are gonna go into a scrog.
Well…I say “go into” I really mean “attempted experiment with scrog net for 1st time eevvvaaa” #prayforstel!
Still bloody cold here chaps & chapesses. Hot water bottle at the ready! :kissing_heart:


They all look excellent, don’t worry.


So beautiful good growin mate


Ah you guys :blush::hugs:


I’m all out of likes but they look great.


Sorry i really really fell off the map here. Luckily ILGM has loads of helpful folk. I see you got it assembled n the dimmer to dimming. They look so happy n healthy. Good doggone work so far. N a dash of calmag when watering wont hurt (i think). When one showed deficiencies, i just treatd her. 3-4 days later another started. So now i just add a dab of calmag whenever. More to the problem girl of course :wink:


Been just under a week since I spotted it and I can’t see anything on any others but hey ho if it won’t hurt then may as well treat them all. Seems like I’ve been growing these babes like forever… but I suppose I have done the seeded route instead of clones. Though am not quite sure why! :see_no_evil:. Anyhooò… nice of you to pop back in @PurpNGold74 :raised_hands::raising_hand_woman:‍♀… am terrified summit will go wrong. Never done seeds, never done leds, never done scrog… she who dares tho eh! :woman_facepalming: x


You are doing excellent! And you clone raising practice will come in handy. Just wait. They are going to explode on you now


I add a half strength dose of calmag at every watering as well. I had the start of a deficiency and added it then and never had a problem since doing it that way. I figure better safe than sorry.


Evening all… well to top or not to top… that defo is THE question. I feel like I want to top 2, fim 2 and leave 2 alone! Just for the crack… ahhh decisions decisions. Any advice lads & lasses? @DoobieNoobie @PurpNGold74 @Shuggz @dbrn32 @raustin @Smokin_ernie I also wanted to scrog 2 but am thinking is there really the space? Around 4 x 2ft? No height restrictions really. x


Dont they look absolutely beautiful though! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Looking good. Every time I try to fim I only just top it. Haha I did have one sprout 3 main colas and that was supposed to be just a topping. Haha so anyways go for it.


So trial & error then yeah?! :joy: I’m terrified! Is there a point when you can’t top? Or can I just hold the thought till I’ve grown a pair :rofl: x


Do one of each.


Can’t believe how much spread they have had in just a few days. Some are covering the pots. And they are in 7gals. Another 2 day and they will have been in their forever homes 2 whole weeks. I can’t wait to see these lil ladies in flower x