The 'not so erotic' memoirs of a novice grower in Uk


Hmmmm… 2 mins x


Job well done :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Ill refer u to the light doc for any more questions @dbrn32 u dunnit again :joy:

O n welcome to the club


This one @DoobieNoobie
And have I missed summit @PurpNGold74 :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I’m not sure on that one? I used a potentiometer from rapid led to do mine. @dbrn32 will that kind of dimmer work? I think that is meant for a inline on the power side and I’m not sure that’ll work for this setup. But maybe I’m wrong.


Cheers @DoobieNoobie i was gonna leave it off but it leaves me with live wires. And dimmers are a great help… So am told x


Wat u miss


This is what I used. And it literally just connects to the corresponding colored wires on dimmer side.

For now you can just cap off those wires and it’ll work at full power just fine.


The driver dimming leads are not energized, but if they short it will think you’re trying to dim driver and lower output.

I’m not exactly sure what the specs of your component there are, but looks like this may apply.

However I’m not 100% sure, we should probably get more information before doing anything. Perhaps @1BigFella or @Myfriendis410 can identify what you’re working with better?

In the meantime, you can run your lights on full power. Just wrap a little tape around each exposed conductor on the dimming leads. If all else fails, 100k potentiometer will dim them and they’re pretty cheap. Or you can do a 35-40k pot to dim all 3.


And dont forget to raise ur light to at least 30 inches if ur running at full. Dont wanna shock the ladies


That looks so much easier… that’s what I’ll aim for I think x


Gotta get them in soon so thanks for that advice x


Gonna try and get hold of pots. Seems easier. Thank you… what a mind full of info you are :hugs:


Yep for now just put those same connectors used for the rest of the wiring one on each wire. Then when you get the other dimmer in you just connect the matching wires into the connectors. Simple as that. I used a piece of double sided tape and a zip tie to mount it on the front side of my light for easy access.


I can’t thank you all enough! :v::purple_heart:


No clue; sorry. I’m just hanging on to this thread by my fingernails lol.


Nice good going so far look like yr covered well anyway good growing and can I ask we’re in Uk u are frm I’m in the southeast west London good to see more Uk growers bless I will pop in and out if I can help I will put my penny’s worth in and jst so u knw I use the old skool hps and mhid lights blessd


Those HID lamps still work fine! Many a great crop done with HID. And Mean Well dimming wires are not “live”. They are just signal sensing wires that don’t carry much voltage or current. I would not leave them flopping around to short with something, but a little tape over each of the ends is fine.

But dimming during veg can save you some money.


Hey @Shuggz North East… bloody freezing up here! Good to know there’s some fellow uk’ers hanging about. I’m defo still a newbie. It’s all one big experiment for me and I’m loving it! X


@DoobieNoobie can’t find any online like this. I’m in UK remember :see_no_evil: x


Sorted. Just ordered the 3 pin ones. Am gonna set them up tmrw. Am pmsl at myself here. :joy:Never a one for diy… yet here I am
seedling-ing, lighting-ing and tmz I’ll be try my hand at soldering. (currently breathing heavily on painted nails and polishing on ones shoulder) eeèeekkkk. :hugs: