Spudgunner's Clone Grow

yea…if you are going to grow that many plants you need a good way to utilize that much bud…,… :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m not really trying to tho, that’s my real problem! It just happens! :crazy_face:


Start making edibles!! @Spudgunner


I do have a bottle of Everclear my Bro-in-law brought up here for me, but the wife hates it when I do edibles. Something about me standing up and falling down last time I did them!
Did 100mg Racer’s Peanut Butter Cups (2 x 50mg each) one night and we played Scrabble. Kicked ass! Best game I’ve ever played! Then a few nights later did 3x40mg brownies, figuring 100mg didn’t do too much to me. Guess 120mg was a bit too much! Mobility wasn’t happening that night, just lay there like a melted blob on the floor. I WAS happy there tho, just could not move!


My favorite strain of all time. Super jelly about that one. It an auto? Bc all I’ve found when searching is autos.


Yes, she’s an auto! I actually searched all autos on my local seedsite looking for high potency strain and high CBD (the Medgom, for my niece. She also asked for the Pennywise). These will be outdoor plants after spending a month under lights. Whenever they get too big for a 1 gallon pot! We get rains in September that makes outdoor growing hard to finish…last year no rain from July until end of October! Fires and smoke, but no budrot! And I need everything jarred and burped for early September, so my legal 4 outdoor plants will be autos! Don’t know for sure what will be growing inside tho!


I like that a happy blob

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Happy Birthday @Bunger64 !


Thanks Growmie

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Happy belated birthday my frienr

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I guess it’s time for a little update. I’ve been sick like dog since Saturday eve. Not pukey sick, just head bunged, no energy, not hungry, snot-head. Wife got it after me and tested herself for Covid since she works in a store, negative! Just a good-old fashioned cold! Yes, they still exist!

Anyways, too sick for a puff on Sunday, did have one Monday, none Tuesday, but thot I’d better sample my Death Bubba yesterday. So I rolled a small joint from 2 larfy buds. It was pretty sticky, could smell the aromas a little bit, and when smoked, it burned evenly with nice ash. It did not make me cough once! Pretty impressed with that since it’s only been 2 weeks since chop date! High was quite nice for a small joint (I usually smoke 2 at a time), and lasted a couple of hours.

My taste has been shot all week, as well as my sense of smell. Smoked some of my 9 Lb Hammer last night, it made me cough (as usual) but I couldn’t really taste it that time. Skor cookies don’t taste right, and I couldn’t even smell the Vick’s VapoRub at night. So take the smoke report with a grain of salt! It seems smooth and potent, and I’m hoping the smell and taste are there when I’m better! Hoping a couple more days till I’m 100%, about 80 right now. Still too sick to see my grandson, tho :cry:

Oh, remember I said I was going to leave it out another day, still a bit too moist to seal up? Well, it DID dry some more! Went from 18 oz down to 16! But it’s at the point I can stop burping, maybe once more in a couple days, and then let sit for a month or two. Except for the 13th jar, 3/4 filled with larfy samplers! I’ll smoke that to get a better appreciation of it’s taste/terp profile.

Still, a pound of Death Bubba and 2.5 oz of Dutch Treat, pretty happy about that from a 4x4!


Nice report brother! Sorry you have been sick. I hope you and the mrs. gets well soon. 9 lb hammer!! One of my all time favorites!! Need to find some beans. Get to feeling better for the grandson.

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@GreggT theseedfair (dot) com is where I got mine, and they will ship to the US. I got 3 “free” seeds of them, and the first one germinated. Took a bunch of clones of her last year, so I probably have 10 oz of that strain left. Plus 2 seeds still!

And thanks for the well-wishes! I still feel lazy, but better enuff to smoke again! And the wife feels better today than yesterday, so things are improving. Maybe see the grandson this weekend, want to make sure he doesn’t catch it.

I’ll do a tent update later, take some pics. I have a few real ugly leaves. Been dealing with WPM and trying to blast it out. So after I cleaned my tent with ammonia and water (20/80 mix), I brought up some plants from the cellar and gave them a blast that night (so 10-14 days ago?). Stupid me should have diluted the mix a bit more! Some of the leaves are dead in the middle and crispy now, need to do a cleanup on them anyways. Fortunately I did dilute it before I sprayed the cellar dwellers so they didn’t burn.

WPM is on the retreat tho. Last night gave them a spray with milk water (30% skim milk, 70% water). I find that works the best, except it can leave a milky residue on the leaves. But they look great today! Calcium foliar feed as well! There is very little left, so one more spray may eradicate that crap once and for all, hopefully. Plan on flipping soon, hate having to spray when they are in flower, but at least it’s natural stuff and not harmful for the plants or me.


@Spudgunner wow growmie sorry to hear youre not feeling well hopefully it will pass soon .hope you get better soon.sounds like nice grow

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Thanks @robert365 I am feeling better. A little bug ain’t gonna keep me down long, just miserable for a while! Wife said it was a Mancold, then she got it!

I did take pics in the tent last night, will go down to the dungeon for pics after coffee (just got up!) and then post them.

And the grow grows, sometimes nice, sometimes not! In an ugly phase now, but I’ll flip soon and turn both areas into beauty!


As you usually do!!


Thanks @GreggT I’m trying different techniques this time too! I’ve never done a supercrop before, always managed to bend them where I wanted them. This run tho, I sorta let them go too long before any training. Then I looked and thot they would stretch right into the light even if I flipped them a few ago. So…bent them all! And hack!

Never would have done anything so drastic years ago, but seeing others on here do things to their ladies and the way they respond, figure why not? I’ve got a good healthy stash, this will yield more, and then there’s the outside plants yet to be seeded! How much weed does one person need? (Don’t’ answer that, it’s a rhetorical question!) So I can stretch MY limits and learn new techniques!


I love to supercrop myself. I think I can train them better that way. Back in the 80’s, that would have freaked me out!!

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Well, coffee is done, time to start moving!

Here are the pics from last nite in the tent. Someone was talking about ugly, check these leaves out! This is what happens when you forget to dilute your ammonia/water mix from cleaning the tent to using it as a foliar spray to kill WPM. You only need a shot glass of ammonia for about 2 cups of water to combat WPM, but I probably used about 3 oz when I sprayed the tent. It just kills the leaves, especially where there WAS wpm to begin with! And I took off the leaves that were even uglier a couple of days ago!

This one isn’t too bad, just a couple of leaves.

More on this one!

And this one

This one got sprayed pretty heavy too!

Just Fugly!

So the 4 plants above are all Death Bubba, below is the one Dutch Treat in the tent. When it gets WPM, it’s never as bad on this strain, even tho she grows thick underneath, lots of larfy-type branches that need to be cleaned up, constantly it seems!

The one thing about ammonia is that it gives a nitrogen boost to your plants when it breaks down! Now, all these plants have since been sprayed with milk solution at lights out, a much gentler solution to combat WPM, and probably the most effective.

Here’s some close-ups of the supercrop job. Dutch Treat, twisted and bent over.

One of the Bubbas

And another bent Bubba. Let’s get kinky, she said!

Here is the whole tent view

And a canopy-level view

I also checked my DLI yesterday, hitting between 30 and 40 across the canopy. They are drinking about a litre/quart every 2 days. And no, I do not water to run-off


Hey, nothing wrong with fugly plants!! Ammonia will do it!!

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