Same old box, brand new strain

Outstanding! Congratulations on the chop man, enjoy the smoke!


Final total was just over 4 ounces, not bad for my first sativa. I have to say the trimming was next to nothing compared to my indica girls, took about 2.5 hours start to finish. There was still low larfy stuff but nothing like the larf on indica.
All in all want to grow more sativa like this one, easy as hell to grow, easy as hell to trim, and from the first toke… a real good sativa high. Last about 2 hours or so, then gently returns you to normal. No heavy hung over feeling like my indicas do.
Oh and my mother plants are in permanent pots and soon to be topped. Bubba kush didn’t make it through early selection, I’ve got one more seed I may try dropping later. For now the in house mother lineup is 1. Blueberry 2. Gelato 3. Sweet zombie 4. Creeper

I really wanted to use square pots like @Hellraiser uses for his mommas but couldn’t find any … square pots or patience so I went with round.


Outstanding man!! You got stocked!!

And now I see FOUR plants?? That’s exciting…

All in the same box or do you have a construction project on the way??


This is all a work in progress, kind of like me :joy:
The 4 plants you see I plan on growing small in permanent veg. Then take cuttings for clones whenever I want. Still planning to use the old box to flower lots of small clones, a poor mans sea of green if you will :wink:
I’ve topped them all, 3 of the tops I’m trying to use as clones

So we’ll see how this goes, for now this will work until I see something better I can do. Always tweaking and tinkering.