RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


you had autos bred with other autos? they should still be autow. unless the genetic inheritance is more than one group, or allele, of genes


Three auto X Photo genes, one Photo X Photo gene.


okay im confused? ru talking about the strain crosses u have?


He crossed a auto with a photo.


yes, I have my own 3 strains growing. Total 4 plants. plus a bunch of well-rooted clones. The last survivors; 7 strongest left out of thirty I started with. LOL, only the strong survive. Tomorrow I a going to end my 2 bubble bucket 5 gallon plants cuz they are not thriving. Will replace them with last 4 clones in soil cloth 3 gallon bags. I will end up with 10-11 plants, soil & coco starting veg in 3ft x 5 ft. They are all under 24 hr lighting for now. Probably add 3 more 2 inch bottom-feeding tubes, mainly cuz it sounds like fun


its a crap shoot to breed auto with photo


Yeah I know. I’m just curious what the results will be. It’s just more data to remember in the future. :wink:


im thinking some will be autos and some will be photos. i dont know enough about cannabis genetics to say for sure, but if all are auto or all are photo then photosensitivity inheritance is more complicated than a single gene


Yep that’s why I’m watching. Genetics are a funny thing. They can either follow expectations or go straight sideways. No way to know until it happens. That’s why most strains are stabilized by multiple cross backs to ensure the best chance of staying the same.

Sorry for so much side chat Bryan. It’s a topic I’m really interested to learn about.


The 2 blueberry auto are side by side. The coco seems better than soil. I had gone to hydro store for a 6 inch grodan block but they were out. Ended up getting a 8 inch block, wth. Will put seed directly into the block


Well I left out the other option when crossing my own strain. The pineapple chunk and wild Thai was growing like crazy. Checked it this morning and it was adding balls faster than a Christmas tree decorating party. I moved him out of grow room and into his own enclosure



Bummer on the boy but they all look great.


removed clone out of 5 gallon bucket cuz it wasn’t good enough for me. When I pulled up the plant it still had good roots inside the netpot so I stuck it in a jar of water for a few days. So I planted it in bucket with half cocoloco and half soil and added the bottom watering tube




Harvested Mango skunk, the only one of original fruit strains to make to harvest in RDWC. 1 monster cropped clone left with this grow to finish it out.


Looking good man


Mango skunk will be around 3 oz cleaned and cured. I am happy, these are the biggest, hardest nugs in 2 years. I t was in back half of a 3f x3ft. After removing it , the soil monster clone easily filled up the entire net area again. Will be starting new journal with “GrowMore” brand water soluble nutes on all these clones i have.


Does damn well on the pocketbook


Trying to learn, what is the purpose of the 2 Scrog nets?