RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


Today is day 1 out of soil for the Lemon Alien Dawg. She was planted a couple days before the others. Plan is to grow fewer plants this time around, & tie the hell out of everything. They will be grown in my diy rdwc w/chillers, 27 gal res with 2, maybe 3 plants in each. I have 2 of these units going now with room for 1 more in near future. Still waiting to pop out of the ground are Raspberry Cough, Blueberry Headband, Pineapple Slick, Strawberry Cough, and a Mango Skunk. They are started in seedling soil and will be moved into hydro once rooted. I have a Cherry Bomb and Pineapple Chunk about to be harvested. Now if I only had blackberry and banana seeds.

Vexer needs help

Well that sounds fruity!!! Set this to watching :slight_smile:


Any pics for us to gaze upon?


Raspberry cough, that sounds amazing!


pineapple chunk and cherry bomb


Yum! I’m watching! Good stuff :+1:


Second plant to break ground is pineapple slick.


Blueberry headband hit the air this morning


Finishing up my first grow with my homemade rdwc. The pH stays so stable in it that I thought my meter was broken, lol. Roots stayed white the whole time with just once daily gallon jug of ice exchange. Used dry nutes with Armor Si, CaMag, Hydroguard and the res water stayed crystal clear thru the entire grow. I only did one res water change at beginning, it did well after that. Will be adding a third diy rdwc/chiller 27 gallon res to my arsenal, just finished cutting out holes in lid. This time I do not plan on packing every square inch of floor space with pots and buckets. 1 grow area will be two units side by side, with one unit in the other area. That should bring me down from juggling 20 strains to maybe 6 or 7. I am just finishing up a pineapple chunk and a super skunk in the first rdwc. To be honest, I saw some pics of the grow room @TDubWilly has and that envy hit me. Mango Skunk is up today; still waiting on raspberry cough to pop up.



Wow. That looks awesome! She’s gonna fatten up nice!

Do you cover the lights on your equipment? Like the red and green ones on your timer/strip, and the display on your a/c?


Green color at night won’t affect plants. I don’t buy into all the concerns regarding the tiny light leaks. I have heard some blame them for a variety of errors.


My grow room has been torn down till further notice :cry:

I got robbed so I’m having to rebuild it even better and stronger :wink:


Wow. I feel for ya.


It’s all good man, the grow room will return again and when it does it will be even better.

I have one little 2x4’ tent in my bedroom to hold me over till then :wink:


Let me know if ya need cuttings when ya restart.


Lol thanks bro


@TDubWilly When you posted the broken glass pic, I assumed that it was an old one. I’m so sorry man. That really sucks. I’m glad you have somewhere to grow still. And I’m really glad they got what they came for and didn’t hurt anyone.


It was about 2 months old but still hasn’t been rebuilt😢


You’ll get there again.