RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


i think the first just helps to position the growth into the second and provides support


So it’s not an actual Scrog, or did I miss something?


its still a scrog… just has two layers


I did LST at first level. Side branches grew 18 inches taller, so I LST’d again at second level. Then they grew 6inches taller and I tucked those across the top after removing mango skunk from the screens


I did two nets one time. Then I did one net, super cropped and tied down. I felt like the one screen did better for me. Always wanting to learn better ways of doing things


I have a funky 4 inch rockwool. Got too high while watching 'Oak Island ’ last week. Made 16 tunnels in all directions thru the block with a straw. Put a seed in it.


Trying out my new tablet. Can’t find the picture upload button anymore it is not to the right at bottom.I


Try rotating the screen.


It has diisappeared


testing 123


How did you get the writing on the side? Lol


No space in the text, after the photo uploads, and it’ll do that.


. Flushed out plant for 4 days, then added grow more 0-50-30. The last plant of this grow, a monster cropped. Hoping it bulks, even a little bit. Over 20 colas that are way small


Two more plain waterings left me with runoff of 350 ppm. My water is 220 ppm by itself. So I called her done and cut down last plant from this grow, my monster cropped clone.