RDWC-The Fruit Baskets


I am left with 2 maturing plants in flower. So I left them alone, moved all my other young stuff together in a different area, closed it up, & put them all on 24 hour light. It’s been just 2 days and I can already see growth getting faster.


Nice! Hope the 2 you have left grow huge buds for you.



The huge volume of nutes is always a problem I haven’t been able to work out before I start my own rdwc. What do you believe is the best alternative? My only go around so far is just do SOG, flowering plants only need that high P-K ratio which cuts out the vegative nute ration with a higher N in the N-P-K, that to me means less flush of res, and easier nute maintenance.


Best alternative, in hindsight, is to go as simple as you can and only run one 27 gallon reservoir. I can probably go full grow in one for about $100 of nutes. It is how often ya change out the res, cuz once you try to replace the ppms it requires alot of fertilizer.


@BLZD Did a ton of research on dry water soluble nutes; cost vs value kind of thing Been using Maxi Series With all things being basically similar, I went with a 5 lb bag each of 30-10-10 and a 0-50-30, total cost $38. Maxi averaged $16 for 2.2 lb, went with growmore brand


my mango skunk rdwc in back, monster cropped clone across the front; in soil.


Here’s those pics of my hybrid soil/hydro self watering systems… :wink:



I like this a lot. Got my brain working on a new direction, which is fun. I am trying coco for the first time; CocoLoco with 1/3 perlite mix. If I use 1 1/2 inch pipe, drill a bunch of holes in bottom 6 inches or so to let water in and out, then put into coco pots and water through the pipe?


The white bucket is the resovior , black bucket is the planter , blue cup is the wick , PVC pipe is the fill tube… there is a hole in the side of the white bucket for an over flow , so there is no way to overwater the plants… :wink:
Works like a charm , I’ve grown huge plants in these systems , but now I just let my wife use them to grow veggies and stuff… :wink:

I make a super soil so that all she has to do is go out and fill it up with clean water once a week and pick veggies… :grin:



super soil hydro hybrid? hydro in soil and just add fresh water? i love it…


Ya , no air stones either … and the other cool thing about them is , if I dont get my super soil mixture just right and start to see some deficiencies , I can just add liquid nutrients to the resovior and get it fixed fast like in hydro… :wink:



Thanks Peach. I got a new plan for a 2 inch pipe in coco and cloth pot. Yoknow how impulsive I get. Gonna drill holes in bottom 6 inches and water thru pipe. Just moved 2 clones into 3 gallon cloth pots last night, so off to play with my tools


i want to know everything about your build. starting with a complete parts list. i have to build this. i bet u get crazy growth as good or better than hydro.

the water is continuously flowing through your system?


No , not with this system… it’s just basically bottom watering when ever they want… so they get to drink as much as they want without drowning… :wink:
It’s the best of both worlds… only 4 parts needed… 5 gallon bucket , 3 gallon bucket , cup from the dollar store , 2 foot of 1 1/2 pvc… that’s it… :wink:
And a soldering iron to make holes… :grin:



Really like idea of bottom water feeding. Having water absorbing upward seems to virtually prevent overwater. I have a plastic plant holder with 3 gallon cloth pot sitting in it. Drilled holes in half side of 2 inch pvc, from bottom and up 6 inches so watering will begin there. Made 3 so far, 1 in soil, 2 in coco



I have 3 plants that were pollinated with Wild Thai. A pineapple chunk, Girl Scout cookie Auto, and Blueberry Auto. All gave seeds, and now 4 plants are growing from the seed. Kinda cool to have 4 plants. Have 2 identical blueberry Auto X Wild Thai plants, so I put 1 in soil, 1 in coco; side by side


I’m curious if the autos will still auto flower after the cross breed.


Don’t really know. I expect they will only get half as much Auto genes when crossing a photo pollen with an Auto plant