Quantum Board Grow Room


Nice look buds if you ask me. I hesitate to run a budget but I wonder if my cost is under $85/oz. Heh.


I got a sick feeling wondering how much an oz cost me to grow,
I normally just pickup the $200 oz for someone and don’t tell them what I payed for mine


Yessir. I think space is key word either way. I couldn’t imagine having 8x4 to flower and still having enough to room to fill it with only a week per grow of veg time in it. If you don’t have the space to do that, you find other ways to make it happen. In this case, he has something like 24 square feet period. He’s also breeding which eats up some valuable real estate, and taking 8-12 zips every 6 weeks give or take.

Regardless of the cost, I don’t ever remember you or Mattybear saying you needed to go buy weed. Being able to breed plants and not buy, you must being doing something right. So it’s working for you guys at the very least.


I’m not really sure what the cost is, but willing to bet it’s slightly under that price. The cost depends a lot on efficiency of the lighting, and secondary, hydro or soil, and third, cost of nutrients.


I figured around $100/plant, start to finish, counting water, electricity, nutrients and everything. Depending how good each plant did, that varied, but under $50/ounce, for sure.


Harvested the Blue Mystic today. Some fatty buds and they’re really heavy and dense :v::bear:


Looks like you’re growing rocks over there, nice work homie!


Great looking stuff @MattyBear. i can’t wait lol only 150 more days for me!


Nice work! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Awesome as always Matt! Those buds looks so tight and dense And I love the color on them! She was a beautiful plant :wink:


I’ve had my eye on that since I first saw them buds smoke/taste report asap I would wanna mash one nice nug and get some live rosin and really taste the plant


Nice job, those are beautiful buds! I love the color. Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face::v::green_heart:


You are a master of your craft, Matty.


Thank you everyone. I’ll start on the Blue Cheese today and post pics when I’m done :v::bear:


I haven’t bought any actual bud from someone else in over two years. I will go to a dispensary in a recreational state when I go to one for a business or pleasure trip - i.e. CO or NV. I almost always just by vape cartridges when I do that though… but now that I have the Source Turbo and am making my own, I doubt I’ll do that anymore.


Speaking of which, I need to get up there and check on that place you recommended.


When you go there, ask them this question:

“What would you recommend for a home gardener who wants to do extractions for personal use?”



Will do


Finished the Blue Cheese late last night. Lot of bud in this little plant :wink:

Next up will be Cinderella 99… :v::bear:


Wish I had time and money to come visit lol