Quantum Board Grow Room


lol me too!


I have time! hahaha!


I guess you know how to get help trimming


Wow nice looking haul :heart_eyes:


Wow Matty, not sice work


another great job bud @MattyBear. do you happen to have a grow journal for White Widow fems? i tried the search thing, still learning and when i put u in it gave your comments and couldn’t find a grow of yours. i tried Matty grow journal.


@monkman I grew those outside and didn’t keep the best journal. I will tag you in where I left off if you want, but they’re not as pretty as my indoor plants haha


@monkman I’ve been emulating this one



Holy shite! That looks deadly


Cinderella 99 complete…

Next up is Raspberry Kush. TGIF :v::bear:


That’s what I’m talking about :star_struck:
Another nice haul!


Shooooooot. Nice work :+1:


@MattyBear your stash has got to be large and the varieties that I dream of.


great looking stuff again @MattyBear. when i grow up i wanna be you :smiley: , it’s been a long time since i’ve grown up, i’m mostly growing out now lol.


Looking tasty and phenomenal bro. Love your grows.


Oh no Cindy!!! :grin: Excellent job Matt :wink: she looks mighty beautiful still all cut up!


Nice work my friend. A true inspiration to us all! Can’t wait to get to your level of growing!


Some nice lollipops you got there my friend!!!


Jealous! Maybe the scissor hash on raspberry kush will boost her up a bit


Such different bud structure from the cindy to the s