Quantum Board Grow Room


No need to hide your post @boardsbird. If that’s how you feel, own it :wink: haha :v::bear:


Looks as if you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. If that’s the case, I don’t wanna be right.


Wondering what God’s plan is for the hundreds of seeds I harvested last year… asking for a friend.


@Bogleg You should send them to me so I can dispose of them properly, it is after all the “devils lettuce”!
I promise to sprout them all, and destroy all that is grown in a series of small fires. :fire: :joy:


Gods plan is for you to smoke that stuff lol


Obviously hundreds of 4x4 tents :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


How long do you have to veg for 1 plant to fill a 4×4?


Don’t think it’s ever been tried. Mostly because it’s not really feasible. It could be done, and I would guess you would veg for about 3-4 months maybe more… @Budtastic


@Bogleg did a one plant Scrog in a 4x4. Maybe he can let us know how long it took in veg…


I grew it in using DWC with a 14 gallon tote. Dropped on February 15, 2018 and harvested August 27, 2018… I would say I harvested a week too soon (I got bud rot in some colas which forced my hand). I flipped it to 12/12 on June 24th.

The grow is covered in this journal:


Hey! I forgot about this. Thanks @Bogleg


I keep mine in veg for 3 months and it usually only get to be about 2×2. I don’t scrog so much as just heavy training and topping. I’m not sure it would be worth it myself. Seems you can grow 4 different kinds with a bit less time with close to same outcome.


That’s my thinking as well @Budtastic :wink:


Planted 12/1. They are this big before I even put them in that tent

probably around 40 days old?

Then about week

then flipped


Definitely not saying it can’t be done, just not my grow style. I’d rather have more smaller plants that finish faster so I can flower out the next round. I’m running a perpetual grow and can’t afford to veg that long :v::bear:


You’re also not in hydro, so not exactly like your veg times would be fast.


My last grow to harvest I took three clones from two “mother” plants and flowered them a couple weeks after they rooted… doing the math:

I dropped seeds on June 29th.

I moved them to my bubble cloner on July 14th.

I put them in their own 3.5 gallon buckets on July 26th.

I took clones from them on August 19th.

Clones were all rooted by August 31st (had a couple laggards). At this point the moms were getting huge - the pair of them were starting to overwhelm my 4x4 veg tent (this is why I am not keeping moms in hydro anymore). So I destroyed the moms and replaced them with the clones, then filled up my cloner with more clones…

Second round of clones (first ones I took to flower) were introduced into the cloner on September 10th.

Seven of the made their way into the flower tent on Sept 18th.

I harvested on December 9th.

So if I had moms around for repeat harvests, you can see how quickly you can turn around harvests.

I should note the big 4x4 scrog netted me 14 ounces and change, and the seven clones in the flood tray with no training yielded just over a pound.


Every 10-12 weeks tent get flipped, plants producing 14oz-20oz per plant. so 2lb’s every 2.5 months in an 4x8 on 1020watts isn’t to bad? :man_farmer:
Dispensary’s by me selling me ozs for $85 still going there too


I think “not too bad” is an understatement. :slight_smile:

@Dbrn32 knows what my agenda is (other than the whole breeding thing) - I am all about getting the most bang for my buck… either that means increasing yields for the space, or decreasing the cost to run the space.

$85/oz is dirt cheap.


In the middle of a western desert be a town called Dinosaur Co. 1 place to eat and 3 dispensary’s. You can buy an oz per day in each. $85,$87 and the “we only sell top organic” :clown_face: was $200 They all look the same