Quantum Board Grow Room


Hey All!! I’m going to start this journal and I have the 260w QB LED grow kit that I purchased and assembled. Not difficult for anyone who was wondering! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. My tent is 3x3 and I have a 4” 203cfm exhaust fan attached to my carbon filter. Openings in bottom of tent are being used for passive intake. I will get an in-line fan if need be. I’m going to start from the beginning and go from there :+1: if I forgot to tag you, it’s because I’m sick and my head isn’t all the way clear :crazy_face: @dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom @Covertgrower @Bogleg @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Dragon269 @BIGE @Usmcjojo @Daddy

Bud size pics under L.E.D
Checking my Grow Room Equipment

Looking forward to seeing what kind of plants you produce under your new light!


I will start with putting up the tent


awesome sauce @MattyBear getting things done!


Here are the boards on the Heastink (6 screws per board, predrilled, super easy)


And then the wiring up of the driver to the board and the power supply


Then I attached some hangers and viola!


Then I hung the carbon filter and fan


I’m not sure I’ve been appreciating how elegant those lights are. Hmm…


I can tell you not a hillbilly or you would have said “Git ur dun” lol

Switching to WATCH so you don’t have to tag me.

Hope you feel better. @MattyBear :triumph::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::exploding_head:


I brought in my ATF photo plant from my other tent (she was under a Scrog net) removed the net, gave her a feeble days to adjust to the new light (started dimmed all the way down to 50% of driver capacity) then boosted to 75% which is where I am now. Flipped to flower last night. Here’s a few days ago pic…


Everything looks great :+1:.
I will be here, watching :eye::nose: :eye:

Thinking of going to LED

And this morning…


Medium is Mills coco and Nectar for the Gods nutrients in a 5 gal fabric pot


Watching now :wink:


Eyes playing tricks on me, or does it appear she responded pretty darn well to that light?

Edit… also switched to watching so need to tag me either, but I do appreciate.


No tricks. I was just gonna see if anyone else was seeing what I was too lol. Do you think I should go full strength now on the driver? @dbrn32


Just saw that, lol. I’ll stop tagging you


@MattyBear how much that light setup run ya


You probably could, or lower the light some. That dimmer is controlling output of driver not just soaking it up. So with the light dimmed to 75% you should also be drawing 75% of max power from the wall as well. Costing you less to run it essentially. If you’re still at 22” I would probably lower it to 18” for a few days, then increase to full power for a few days, then look to lower it again. But you could just as easily turn it up now and then just wait a few days to start lowering it. Up to whatever suits you the best. You just want to harden the plants to that light spectrum and level of intensity. Rather than cranking it up and getting it as low as possible right away.