One Down Two To Grow



Cider vinegar is also a great treatment as @WillyJ suggests. The reason I’ve always stuck with H2O2 is the odorless flavorless aspect. I know it’s all getting washed off anyway. Just my 2¢ on the subject. On another note, we had our first frost this morning. None of the girls were impacted but there was a nice crust on the all the grass and windshields.


36 on the barn here when I got up. Went out to feed the gals and didn’t see or feel any frost at 6. Gonna cover them both tonight.


Going to 37 overnight here tonight. Was outback earlier and noticed some Purple happening on one of the Candy clones


Beauties! You gonna cover them or anything?

We are going to 44 for our low tonight!


Magnificient @Screwauger , she’s awesome :eyes::heart_eyes:

If you can put an horticulture net on her, without the net touching any part of the plant, it should protect her from the colder temps…:wink:


@bob31 @Niala

All I have avail is some 4mil plastic sheeting. I am using bamboo stakes to keep the plastic up off the tops so yes, I am gonna cover them most nights going forward if only for dew protection.

Thanks Folks, these Cotton Candy Twins are the nicest plants I have ever grown. Going out tonight to stock up on H2O2 for the harvest wash/rinse as even the Kiwi scrog is showing a bit of P. Mildew now also.

PS Pops just told me the noon news had a story on a rash of backyard pot plant thefts in the area. I may just have to put these twins in the garage every night going forward.


@Screwauger I don’t think that’s a bad idea, I’d lock those beauties away at night!


Indeed @DoomSack. It’s only ten steps away from where she is to put her in the garage, so I did. If someone’s looking they are going to smell her but they will have to break a window now so hopefully they move along. Everyone around here is growing. I was taking a leak in the woods at my step daughters yesterday and I see her neighbor outback with a grocery bag and a pair of scissors. Yup, trimming ripe cola’s he was.


It’s harvest time in Maine. Sunday there were 30 quarts of hydrogen peroxide on the shelf at walmart. Tonight, zero, none notta.


Yeah I’d be keeping tabs on cars and people “scoping out” your neighborhood. I’d be crushed if I got up to see my ladies at the crack of dawn and they weren’t there.


Oh me too!! Unfortunately, although I live in the city, I reside on a dead end street (which is good). Behind my house and garage is a wooded area that is triangular in shape. One entire side is an “off ramp” from a bridge (very easy to stop there, let someone out, and quick jog through the wooded area and you are in my backyard where no motion lights will activate (must maintain dark periods). So like most, I am very paranoid. Let them take my scrogged plant which I cannot move, isn’t getting enough sun and though will be some smoke, it’s not lush and filled out with the 3’ colas like my cotton candy twins!
Just a couple more weeks, please.


thats why i got game cameras on mine, set to 30 seconds film. if any thing happens you got something to hunt down.


would a bear trap be considered inhumane.


It’s funny how I medicate to chill anxiety but in the process of growing (especially near harvest t-minus last four weeks of the process) I am at freak out :rotating_light: Alarm mode :rotating_light:Until it’s cut and drying lol. most of my stealth growing is success (not being seen) is because out of sight out of mind so most would walk right by it and never know. You should be good in the garage, takes a really brave (or stupid in my case, guns in every house) thief to break into a garage when people are home. And your scrogs would be way too loud I think to muffle. They’d be cutting branches yelling “oh $***! Look at the size of these buds!?!” And your bound to wake from that noise!


@Screwauger what LEDS are ypu running


I have 4 Hydro Galaxy 300w LED’s each draws 135w at the wall.

I will say, the buds on the two plants I grew under those LED’s are some of the most dense (rock hard) buds I’ve ever handled. Literally. @VelcroThumb

@DoomSack I’ve got my pistol at the ready but this darned sweet tooth I grew is causing me to sleep like a rock these past few nights so they could probably detonate the garage and I wouldn’t wake up until the iphone said to lol. Zzzzzzzzzzz

It’s sort of a Casino or scratch ticket lotto kind of stress though, right?? Final minutes of the Bruins game kind of edge of your seat type of stress eh @bob31


@Screwauger so you like them? I was wanting to add another light since all 6 of my girls have survived this far and will outgrow the 4x4x6.5 tent i have. Are they full spectrum? Veg and flower?
I am currently running 600w hps


I like the results I got from them and I do like them, I don’t love them. @VelcroThumb Hindsight, I wish I would have taken my time with the lights and bought a more top of the line COB set up. For my first few grows and considering it was me, the internet and Amazon reviews (I hadn’t found ILGM when I purchased all my equipment) I am overall very pleased with them.

Yes they are full spectrum and yes I used them through seedling, veg and flower but no bloom/veg switches or anything like that. Very basic set up and not unlike many other unbranded or other named lights out there. I returned a few of them (other branded lights not Galaxy hydro) as they did not draw the advertised wattage at the wall, these did.

I know @Countryboyjvd1971 has a few of them (and other lights too) and he likes them also. GH has great customer service so there’s that too.


I’m running China COB’s from Amazon and seem to be doing surprisingly well. It’s a Morsen brand on there. But if you could get a better COB (name brand or better name) their energy efficiency is better than the diodes. Just my opinion though. @VelcroThumb


@Screwauger,wow,drooling again,great picture :open_mouth: