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What’s up gang? So I’ve decided to give the grow journal a first go. In fact, it’s my first grow in 19yrs, my first grow in a tent, my first grow with LED’s, my first try at pseudo hydro, my first soil-less grow and, my first ever attempt at ScrOG. I had some seeds I purchased before I found ILGM and I am growing in devices called Autopots. I would be one of the worlds laziest gardeners and I needed something that would “self-water” for periods of time. I am growing one each of Kiwi Skunk (outdoors and not part of this journal), 8 Ball Kush and Sweet Tooth. I should also add that I reside in a legalized state in the USA. As a recreational user/grower I am allowed 6 flowering plants for each person 21 and older in the household; with some conditions attached to the “legal” grows.

My Set up and Details:

Grow Area
39"x39"x60" No name grow tent
4" Inline Fan (192cfm) and 4" Carbon Filter vented out basement window.

3 x 300w Hydro Galaxy 9 Band LED = 405 true watts
2 x 125w CFL (one 2700 one 6700?) - 250 true watts

General Hydro Grow/Micro/Bloom Rezdog Recipe (No Grow only Micro and Bloom 6ml/9ml per gal)
Calimagic+ 5ml/gal
Superthrive 5 drops /gal
Kool Bloom (specific prescribed feeding days in flower)
Flora Kleen (Last 3-5 days)
z7 Enzyme Cleanser (keep gravity fed reservoir gunk free)

Coco Coir (Botanicare) 5kg brick
Large Chunk Perlite
50/50 mix
1" Hydroton in bottom of pots

2 x 1Pot Autopot system with air domes

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Additional Info
I started 3 seeds on May 17th in rapid rooter plugs. One thing is for certain, I read way too much and tried to get way to fancy. In fact, I might mess this whole grow up and learn a valuable lesson, time will tell.
I soaked the seeds for 24 hours in ph adj water with a drop of super thrive.
After 24 hrs the beans went into rooter plugs and under florescent t12 bulbs for warmth and first light.
The Kiwi Skunk (KS) popped on May 21 with two coty’s above ground. The other two still had not sprouted by May 24th so a bit of investigation found I had basically trapped them in the plug. I freed them but they were sick looking so I soaked two additional Sweet Tooth (ST) and 8 Ball Kush (8B) seeds right away.
Epilogue was, they all survived and I had to give the two extra’s away (tent to small).
I’ve been waiting for supplies to arrive and messing around leaving my three original seedlings somewhat root bound in their solo cups. The KS went outside yesterday and today, I received all of the necessary components to finally get my ladies into their final pots. I failed to mention these are “feminized” seeds.
I am considering today as Day 1 of veg as my plants get some rest (only one light on and they have been under all three LED’s) and some 1/4 strength nutes. Tomorrow, minus and signs of shock, I will up the lights again to 3 LED’s and begin feeding full strength nutes in a few days when they need a drink.
Autopots need hand watering until the plants establish and then the gravity res is turned on. Next grow I will sprout them right in the autopots and nurse them without any transplanting.
More to follow…


Very nice start to your Journal! Very detailed!
Good luck and keep em green!


Grow them big


Welcome to ILGM ! There are a lot of good growers here and almost any problem that comes up can be taken care of by committee.

One thing I missed was your address of the pH of the water and nutes. If there is one thing I have learned since being here is that pH is Critical for having big yields. All my best grows were when I kept the pH in good line. Good luck on your grow. Jerry


Thanks very much @TxGrowman

Yes, I have a fairly mid range ph tester and have watched ph closely thus far. pH of 5.8-6.0 for coco is what I have been shooting for. Rinsed coco and soaked hydroton in pH 5.8 water with cal/mag. Minus any transplant shock from today’s move, they appear quite healthy and ready to begin stretching a bit. Thanks again, and @bob31 was my inspiration for the journal and I appreciate all of the knowledge and experience here at ILGM.


Thanks for the tag brother! The gang looks great!

I’m in for the ride! Happy growing! @Screwauger


That range should do it for coco ! Keep 'em green till the end !

Thoughts from the Morning Garden

Looks great @Screwauger I like following hydro grow s cause I don’t know anything about em, but thanks to you I am learning
Tag me in please


Thanks @Patsbasement.
Autopots are a form of passive hydro. I started with a plan to grow in deep water culture but that got too complicated and I needed easy/peasy! Thanks for following along.

PS The girls looked great at lights on this morning so I plugged in the remaining two LED’s (will add the CFL’s when the plugs get here). They are on a slow boat from china.


Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of people here ranging from zero experience to very experienced. Everyone here has a common goal. To grow the very best possible. Your lucky as in my state Maybe in 2019 we will have medical legal.


Thanks @Laurap

I am excited to have found ILGM and such a great group of like-minded people.
I very much plan to use the experience and expertise here to assist me with the ups/downs of my adventure.
Thanks again.


Just ups :grin: no downs! @Screwauger



So, that boat arrived at 9:30am from China via USPS. Of dozens of parcels I’ve received over the past couple of months, not one was suspicious of my activities until…Today. Two CFL cords from China in a 9"x9" box completely covered in vivosun wrapping. Oh well. Mailman must see a lot over the years. Knows all of our secrets! My vent goes out a window under the side steps anyway, he is bound to smell my tent at some point but it’s LEGAL.


If you don’t mind me asking, who did you get those CFLs from? A couple of those would work great in my tent for side lighting.


I got both that one in the pic and another 125w 2700K for flowering on Amazon. It was the hanging cords that I got off ebay (correction Amazon) that took almost 30days to arrive from China. They feel like good quality though.


At $54 for that I would just recommend a $79-$89 300w MarsHydro or Meizhi LED fixture. Just a thought!



Thank you Sir!

I’m out of likes for 6 more hours. Sorry about that!


I admit, it was of my more impulsive buys but in my defense, I have 3 LED’s as you describe and wanted to supplement with CFL. On the whole, buyers remorse included, I wish I would have just bought the massive $400+ LED Platinum LED I looked at early on, but I didn’t.

All in all, my past experience was with a 400w HPS. I now have 655 true watts so something has benefit, hopefully flowers.



outta Likes :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: