One Down Two To Grow



Thanks @Covertgrower

When I decided to get back into this I knew there would be growing pains. Like most of us on here, my experience as a user creates a bit of the connoisseur attitude. But everything is a gamble when you blindly order strains off the internet (not ILGM) and have no idea really, what you are doing. For these reasons, I am overjoyed with the results. I look forward to your results also, it’s all good cause the thing I needed to get away from, the “score”, is gone! Oh yea, I did have that for you but now I am all out until Tuesday, sorry man." LOL I hope to never “deal” with that again.


Good for you! @Screwauger love the details and analysis makes me want to try some of the strains that you did
Keep up the good work!


Sucky Picture Update of Outdoor Crop 2017

Kiwi Skunk Scrog

Cotton Candy Twins


@Screwauger that will fill up some jars!!


Indeed @BIGE

Not complaining as I have not had the pest and rot issues but here it is 9/27 and I can’t find a red hair on any of those huge colas. Looking at what, maybe another 4 weeks?? Going to 39 degrees overnight here this weekend!! Still much work to be done!! Devising frost/dew covers this week!!!


Looks like a great job you have done @Screwauger… Have a good day brother!


Awesome outdoor grow everyone looking nice and healthy! Glad you haven’t had the problems outside has brought on this year :+1:


Good work, man…with your keen eye and some patience you should be just fine! Carry on!


Great looking bunch! They will make it! At least the humidity will be mostly going away!


Looking phenomenal! I bet it smells so good. That should be a filler for empty containers… :wink:


Seems I’ve got a touch of powdery mildew on my twins. Just culled a bunch of leaves and sprayed it all down with a 3:1 water to hydrogen peroxide plus baking soda mixture. Thanks @Willd. AlwYs something


sorry to hear brother. Do you spray down the entire plant?


You know, I’m not sure @bob31

I did spray the whole plant but focused on the leaves showing white patches. I did spray the colas but not to the degree sprayed the support leaves.

@Willd suggests this spray down daily until harvest then a dunk in similar strength Hydro P solution then hang to dry. Kinda sucks as I planned to dry in my tent but not going to introduce those spores to the tent so…drawing board time.

I wore rubber gloves and bagged up all material removed and took it to the trash can in a tied up grocery bag.

Thrill a minute hahaha


yeah, no kidding. I just checked my outdoor girl pretty good yesterday. If you’re gonna do the wash at the end, then no issue with spraying buds. makes sense really to do so.

Hope it clears it up for ya. How long till harvest?


BY the looks of things i say 3+ weeks (Yikes). I so want to get one of the outdoor plants “ripe” with some amber but we will see. @bob31


Don’t forget…Rinse before hanging.


I don’t have exact numbers but let’s say there are twenty large branches on those two plants. Only about 1/4 of them are showing symptoms of PM.

Would it make any difference/sense to cut the infected branches out early, do the treatment and rinse and try to save the other “15” branches?


it makes sense to me… @Willd


You’re going to have to wash anyway…now or if you wait…I’d wait you can control it with the spray… I have a 6ft cc plant showing some pm on some branches I spray them and the whole plant with a 1 part vinegar 10 part water mix and its been keeping it under control…from what I read pm is like an std for plants…once they got it there’s no getting rid of it just control it then wash your buds when she finishes…its been one thing after another outside… @Screwauger


Thanks Gents… Yes @WillyJ I have seen the troubles people have been experiencing… I feel lucky this is all I am dealing with. I plan to keep up the treatments and treat/rinse all the branches at harvest. Thanks again.