One Down Two To Grow



Dude @Screwauger late to the party as usual bro
Your grow is looking great bro purple :open_mouth::+1:
Nice job with you harvest by the way not sure I mentioned that to you
Keep rocking brother nice work :+1: :v:️ John :cowboy_hat_face:


ok pic #3 Jumping Effin’ Jiminy!

Most of you wouldn’t know from my posts here but I have a gutter mouth and only for the respect of the forum and decorum I don’t drop a hundred more Effin’s for this specimen! BOM BOM BOM


Hahahaha, thanks Gang!!

Can’t do BOM it’s not ILGM genetics…next year though!!

Hard to imagine she came from this @Willd



Hahaha we have imessage for that trash talk F’in A @Willd


awesome stuff there @Screwauger i’m with @Willd on #3 WOWZA!!


Thanks CB @Countryboyjvd1971

After a two week cure, the 8 Ball and the Sweet Tooth are quite tasty in the bong. Plus, I’ve got 1/2 to 2/3’s of a sucret’s tin full of pollen/shaker keif thanks Bro!!!

These outdoor insurance policies are doing quite well too though (I never gave them much chance initially).


Looks awesome man congrats!


Forgot. Next time.

I’ll have some hard decisions to make when it’s time for selecting from 4 separate mix pack orders worth of BOM candidates.

I think your premium is about to pay off big time!


I’ve got 5 GL’s and 20 BBA’s from ILGM stock. I see six BBA’s outdoors next summer!! @Willd


@Willd im currently growing the Fruity Mixpack and the Patriot… the blueberry auto is doing the best! I think she is about to flower! Ive enjoyed watching my mixpacks grow!


I am rift with beans that I did not order from ILGM. After a great deal of consideration, I am planning to drop two Green Crack beans (need a sativa to even out the stash) but again, these are not GC beans of ILGM gentetics. I need to use them up though.

I had planned to hold off and use my tent to dry my outdoor crop. Now, with all three plants showing powdery mildew, I do not dare dry them in my tent. Trade off is, I don’t have to wait to get started on my next indoor crop so two Green Crack beans drop tonight.

An excerpt from the description:

Green Crack is like a turbocharged mango-flavored energy drink. It’s a variety of marijuana that will offer you a fruity rush of pure cannabis-generated adrenaline.

This strain is sativa / indica hybrid with some Afghan phenotypes. The remaining lineage comes from two genetic lines of sativa / indica type descendants of Skunk # 1 and ruderalis.

It has a reputation as being simply spectacular, given its stellar combination of highly desirable qualities that are much sought after with different marijuana varieties: great overall performance, easy growth, energetic buzz, and exquisite fruity flavor.


One Down Two to Grow

Thanks to everyone here in the ILGM Forum for helping make my first Grow a success. I am back again to start my second tent grow this time using two (2) Green Crack Auto Beans I acquired prior to landing here at ILGM. These are a fast growing Sativa/Indica hybrid (56 days from germination to maturity per breeders documentation) with a high (20%) THC low CBD (.7%) rating. Generally, the goal is to grow the sativa dominate phenotype which results in a very energetic high reportedly good for daytime use.

My Set up and Details:

Grow Area
39"x39"x60" No name grow tent
6" Inline Fan (440cfm) and 6" Carbon Filter vented out basement window.

4 x 300w Hydro Galaxy 9 Band LED = 540 true watts
2 x 125w CFL (one 2700 one 6700?) - 250 true watts

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Grow/Bloom A&B
Technaflora Magical (Cal/Mag)
Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive
Drip Clean

Coco Coir (Botanicare) 5kg brick
Large Chunk Perlite
70/30 mix
1" Hydroton in bottom of pots

2 x 1Pot Autopot system with air domes

Dropped two Green Crack Auto’s today (not from Robert’s stock unfortunately).
Will soak in distilled water (8oz) with two drops of superthrive for 12-24 hrs or until they sink whichever comes first.
Then into paper towels for 24-48 hrs or until there is about a 1/2" tail on the beans (hopefully).
Once the “tail” is achieved, Beans will be sown directly into 4 gallon autopot’s which will have been pre-soaked with 1.5qts of tap water (ppm=44) enhanced with 7.5ml/gallon Voodoo Juice and 3.8ml/gallon cal/mag at least 12 hours prior to sowing the seeds.

I will document the journal with photos at next update when the beans have shown their first set of true leaves. Thanks for hanging on and following along if you chose.

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Wow, you got up really early today!

@Screwauger looking in good, brother!


Thanks for the tag looking forward to seeing how the auto pot so work


Welcome folks!! @Nug-bug @bob31

The autopot’s work well based on my first grow using them (and everything I have read). I really don’t see myself growing indoors any other way but with coco and autopots.

The method, nutes and just about everything related to this grow will be following a dude (or lady) named Hansbrick’s who is a master autoflower grower who uses autopots and coco (as well as the nutes listed above). Han’s grows truly phenomenal plants and the combo of air in the pots, coco’s oxygen retention and the delicate yet steadfast treatment of the seedling/sprouts (no transplanting and no topping, only LST) seems to produce consistent results with autoflower strains. Time will tell as this will be my Holiday Season stash if everything goes according to plan.

Thanks for checking it out.


I’m certainly looking forward to tagging along! Your confidence level for this grow must be a bit higher as well!


I would agree @bob31

The tent is more of a “known” now and I am loving this larger exhaust fan as I expect I will only need to run it at half speed which makes for much less noise.

I had a hard time accepting the fact that low ppm solutions were the way to go with autopots. Despite all of my research I felt angst all the time that I could be really increasing yields if I just gave them what manufacturers rec. I constantly played around (and messed up) with the nute recipe for my first grow.

This time, I more accepting of the results, more willing to accept nute schedules without question and I feel I am now able to read the plants a bit better (or at least I know what that means now).

I will say, I don’t like the outdoor growing for all the reasons I gave my better half in the spring. They are all coming true and as much as I like large yields, I prefer the secrecy of indoor growing much much more. I am so paranoid right now about theft and bud rot and etc etc etc etc etc that I just can’t wait to hang those suckers and be done with the angst lol.

The trials and tribulations of a legal pot grower.


@Screwauger Woohoo :raised_hands: brother
I have no doubt your going to grow these girls to maturity them chop them down hahaha
I along for the ride my friend
Just remember bro you need to adjust nutes to plants reaction but the mfg base schedule is a good place to start hahaha
:v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


My outdoor plants where my back ups as well I didn’t pay much attention to them till I needed them hahaha but once I started to take care of them they took off hahah I think the are stronger cause I abused them in the beginning lol


Great set up @Screwauger!
I will be following your grow enthusiastically.
I’ve never heard of those pots?
Would love to learn a new method for growing autos.