Not2sureyet and 4 more Durban thai, 2 more TXL 🤫

@Not2SureYet - oh yeah she’s a beauty alright!! Never heard of that strain but that doesn’t mean nothin… those side buds are nice and round, beautiful! Well done… My last cola was huge but I didn’t measure or weigh. Not like yours though, yours looks very full & dense, gorgeous! I’m hoping for another monster cola this new grow, I’ll take more pics & measure this time. :grimacing::+1::seedling::seedling:

Out of likes but …WOW

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Hi @Not2SureYet
Something interesting… I gave an AK47 Auto to my friend. They gre it and took loads of clones which turned into big beautiful plants. Now they have gifted 2 clones back so I can see for myself… so much for not being able to clone autos’s!!!

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Likely no ruderalis genetics in that plant (no auto flower genetics). You can’t do that with a true auto flower.


I was going to say its impossible to re veg a true auto. no?


That’s what I thought… I got the beans from a reputable place. I’m going to grow the clones out and see how they behave :blush: I had the original AK47 Auto and that def behaved like an auto. It was a beauty :dancer::sunflower:

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@Downundergirl, That is interesting. I wonder if you got photos sent by mistake. I know that has happened in here before. Has the one you gave flowered yet? I would be curios to see if it was on a 12/12 or some thing else. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Not2SureYet, the original one was in tent on 18/6 and starting to flower with other autos. Tent overfull (gawd - why do I do that!) so I gave her away. I told them they couldn’t clone her and… bam! My 2 clones will have to be grown outside so will see if the sunlight hours make a difference.

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@Downundergirl, Now I want to try and clone one :grin: It will have to wait. I am pretty much on all photos for the next grow. I will explain to @nicky in a e mail. :grin: I will be doing a few autos with him still. The next round will be 6 - 8 DT in the main room. My big auto grow got bumped again :smirk:


Ok, this will be the last time you see these. Other than when they are in pieces lol I decided to get another 4x4 tent so I could cut and dry every one near the same time. That will also help with the next grow when it comes to drying. All the clones will be the same age. So they will come out together. Or pretty close…

I dropped another seed to get going to swipe more clones from. It went into a ziplock last night.
I also have a GDP, Moby Dick and a Purple kush almost going for another 3 gallon grow. The GDP and MD sprouted yesterday. The PK looks close :grin:


Almost forgot. I will have the 3 autos left in here once the DT are out

The Bubblegum looks to be starting off well. Back right corner

The AK-47 is stretching from being so far away from the light

And the Bloody skunk got moved in here since I needed her tent to dry in.

I should add. The TXL are missing since I harvested them this weekend. They are both in a 4x4 drying


Business as usual here, great looking plants.


Looking good brother. Can’t wait to see how the Bubble Gum comes out,

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Is that the GDP auto I sent you?

How many autos can you run/ do you want to run? Lol I’ll wait for an email we are still two and a half months away.
I just dropped 3 seeds so I have 3 months until they can be replaced but I do have the two mephisto that are just in flower now and they will need another 4-6 weeks, then I could drop two new seeds.


Like @Myfriendis410 explained it was doubtfully a true auto stable genetic.

I have also bought seeds being autos and ended up with photos, as have many.
If you clone an auto the genetics are stuck in the same time frame from when the seed was popped so your clones will flower regardless of their size or root structure.

You can clone autos, it’s possible but you have to do your research on auto specific cloning and get good/lucky. It’s not as easy as your friend makes it seem because like @Myfriendis410 explained it probably was lacking auto genetics from day one.

If you put those clones in a 20hr on 4hr off light scedule and they auto flip I will be flabbergasted and have no logical explanation for you.
Although more likely than not they will either flower right away or not flower until you switch light scedule


@Nicky, It is a GDP I got from @Myfriendis410 I better re do my seed list. I only show the ones I got fro myfriend. Did you send autos or photos?

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Thanks @Nicky - i agree… it is a freak of nature (or gen modified) and I wish I could squeeze it in my tent but it’s chocka. So I have 2 of the clones and we are at the very beginning of our summer. It will be interesting to see when they flower… I still have one of the original beans left if they do anything surprising I can send that off to anyone interested. I will be happy with a couple of great plants if they turn out. I’ll let you know how it goes. So interesting! And yes I think my friends just got very lucky, and likely to be photos. Have a happy day :blush::sunflower:


That’s funny because I have one of them sprouted now.


Gotta love the GDP​:drooling_face::drooling_face:

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I hope when I grow a GDP it makes me drool but I dropped a purple kush instead of the GDP because it’s rated as more sleepy/couch locky then GDP.

@Not2SureYet I sent you all autos other than those ak47 regs my dad gave me.
You said the g13 and the GDP are knew you were interested in doing and the only reputable GDP auto I could find is from MNSL.