Not2sureyet and 4 more Durban thai, 2 more TXL 🤫

Ok, I know I have been AWOL for a bit. I am changing the grow room to no tents.
I am starting this early, but will try to keep it up dated better. I have about 2 weeks before the room is in clean running order.

I will be using 6 autos pots. And for fun. @Myfriendis410 thought it might be good to do a comparison between coco and promix. So here is how this will go since I want to compare my GH nutes to the Jacks.

I will do the 4 DT photos, 2 in coco and 2 in promix 6.6l pots
1 of each will get jacks and 2 get GH

I have a pair of matched 260 QBs. So all 4 will get the same exact lighting. 2 plants under each light.

All 6 will get a 30"x30" each scrog to sit in

I will do the TXL in coco. And one will get jacks. The other GH. These will be under a combo of my QB 320 and a pair of 135s. I will have to show a picture to explain easier.

This is what I have right now. 4 clones from the same mom. i started 5 and took the 4 best.
These are 3 weeks old

These will get transplanted some time today

I still have a ways to go on the room. here is a quick look of where I am at. I still have to get air pumps in, as well as figure out where the fans will go. I will tidy things us as I get closer to finished…

Bother reservoirs will be in a closet here

I will tag more as I get rolling. I will link this to my last grow too
@Teacherttom1, @Missiles, @Nicky, @MattyBear, @dbrn32, @Covertgrower


That table we cut down looks like fits nice!


Wow a nice new fresh journal! I’m jealous lol thanks for the tag and the room looks fabulous :sunglasses:


@Myfriendis410, It fit perfect. Thanks :+1: I will get it moved over a touch. And will fill one side today. I had to add a spacer to the legs. There is a cross bar in there I didn’t want to tear out. So I can put the drawers back in later if I want.

Thanks @Missiles, I will get to your journal this after noon. I saw I am about 65post behind :no_mouth:


Thanks for the tag. I have been lagging behind on new posts lately. Just been kind of burned out, but I have a lot going on.
Either way, I’ll be following. I ranted a bit.


Man I know the feeling.


@Covertgrower, I hear you. I have been in the same boat. I will just tag you then. Since I only do up dates once a week or less lol

I should add here. These have been vegged on the gas lantern light schedule since day 3 of their life. I plan on using it till they hit flower. After that. This room will be on a permanent 12 hour light schedule. And before any one asks lol

This is what I have been using. I used it for the last 2 plants in my other grow. I have tried it before and it did good.



I’ve set it to watching. If anyone posts I’ll see what’s happening.


Sweet, thanks for the tag!


Ohhh sweet!

Okay I’m super excited to watch this progress because these are exactly the type of comparisons I want to see even if the sample size is small.

I have to ask to clarify a couple things.

Pro mix, meaning promix HP?
Are you going to alter the promix with more perlite or do it as is?

In comparison to be fair I think the ratio of perlite would need to be equal in each medium as well as Mykos will need to be added to the coco/perlite as promix already adds them in.

Aside from that I’m stoked.


Now this is a beautiful test… ill be silently lurking… well as silent as i can try to be. Good luck


Set to learn! :nerd_face:


I hopefully will be doing the same as I just found a place to get Jack’s!


Wow, now that is the makings for some …alot of primo bud!! Thanks for the tag


Thanks. i am going to have to figure out how to still make this work. I over looked that 2 of the trays I need are still in use. I have all the DT’s transplanted. 2 are in 4.6 pots and 2 are in 6.6 :angry:
I wasn’t thinking when i filled the pots or I could have still have done this better. I do have one in promix HP I believe. @Myfriendis410 could tell you as he is the sponsor there :grin:
And I have another in coco. both are in 4.9 pots. So I will do both in jacks so I can at least compare the coco vs promix.

@Nicky, I will check out the mycos in the promix. I can always add it in when I water since I will be top watering for a week. I can say. I know the coco will still do great with out it since I haven’t used it before. I do have that here too. Also from @Myfriendis410 . The promix one is the top left with the little mud patch lol

This is where I am at tonight

@Cap_Ron, I will soon have 2 autos added here


FYI Promix HP is inoculated with mycorrhizai.


I think Nicky was asking if you planned to add mykos (or other beneficial bacteria) to the coco since promix has the leg up


Nailed it.
I think he’s saying that he will add it in water for the coco.

Does the perlite ratio seem equal?
Regardless we will see coco vs promix.

From what I’ve heard promix is the easier option but not as good (if the coco has Mykos and equal perlite)


I would say the coco may have a touch more vermeculite than the promix. Here is some thing interesting.
When I was doing the pre rise of both. For the promix. I have to add water slow. it doesn’t take water very fast. it pools on top a lot longer than coco. Coco runs right through. At the other end. The promix seems to let a lot more water drain out. or at least at a faster rate.
I had for got too. When I pot the 2autos. I can do one in coco and one in promix too. And feed each different.


Def following along. :+1::v: