My perpetual grow journal

Look at those roots.

How much work do you find the aeroponics to maintain? I don’t think I’ll switch out of coco, but a man still gets curious.

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Honestly, i check/drain the grow chamber 1-2 times a day (morning and or night), and thats about it other than maintaining ph and ec levels. I believe it would be easier if i had my grow chamber draining on its own, but improvements will be made next grow.

My nozzle filters got clogged mid way through veg which could have been catastrophic, but i think the water at the bottom of the grow chamber saved the plant. Going forward i may just run without the nozzle pre filters and check the nozzles periodically to assure good misting.

Some things to get used to are the lower ec levels for aero, and the spray times needing adjustment through different stages.


I’m trying to get as automated as possible because we’re planning to take several long weekends away a year and I don’t want to be worrying about anything.

Right now Hydrolock and Coco has been great. But your whole setup is just so sweet. :metal:


Yea that was the idea with this system in a way. I knew initially it was going to be a bit of work to find/fix and prevent problems, but i could see this being designed as a pretty automated system with a bigger reservoir and some other small upgrades.

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Well today will be the flip. Going to get the new res mixed up with Bloom nutes, and tuck thinks again.

Any tips to help transition?
Is it too late to remove small shoots? Or should i just leave them?

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You can grab some but I didn’t go crazy. If you wanted to drive in deep, I’d do it and wait another week to flip.

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So doing it right before flip is a bad idea i take it? I popped a couple that were in the way…

Yeah we far as I’ve read and experienced you want about a week to recover from the stress if you’re taking a bunch. Otherwise you’re asking them to transition who they are even they’re trying to recover from what you did.

Some people go straight for it, I’m a little gun shy :joy:

Someday maybe

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Well, it has been done. She has been tucked, and fed, and defol/trimmed a bit.
I used the same strength bloom nutes. At 1/3 strength i used 20ml Bloom A/B, 10ml Voodoo Juice, 1/3 tsp Great White, 8ml hydro guard, phd to 5.8, ec 1140.





I also increased the lights to ~26 DLI across the canopy with 12/12 lights now.

I noticed some of the roots directly under the lid werent damp, they looked like they were drying out. It was only about 1 inch below the lid, the rest look great. So i tilted the nozzles in opposite corners at an upward angle to direct more spray toward the top. The timer also got increased to 4 seconds on/ 5 minutes off.

I installed an intake fan identical to my echaust fan. I adjusted them together to get better airflow, and keep humidity under controll. Intake is still pulling air through the floor vent in the living space, with some filters under the vent to keep cat/dog hair and other larger contaminants out. Temps are steady at 75°F lights on. Humidity is hovering at 58% now that the ac is installed upstairs.

Im going to monitor her for issues after all these adjustments. Hopefully she likes them.

According to the DLI charts you should already be at about your highest during the life cycle. Maybe try to ramp that up a little more over the next couple days? It’ll help her slow the stretch

I try to be at max desired power halfway through veg

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Thats what i saw as well, i started cranking it up earlier in veg, but she seems droopy when i did, and the leaves started canoeing so i turned it back down. We will see if she accepts it now, and if she does it will be going up.

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Looking awesome in there brother. The only thing I can recommend after flip is, train and trim a few leaves and every day. They will get away from you quick.
That’s why I like to run two scrogs in hydro.

Do not look at the grow I’m on now for an example… lol :crazy_face:

You’ll do fine. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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At the end of the day no matter what the charts recommend… If your plants not happy about it I would adjust until she is also.

That’s the right call

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@Knowledgegrab28 just found your grow log…very interesting DWC setup you have there…someday you have to tell me about it…

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I appreciate you looking, this setup im growing in is a high pressure aeroponics system. A little bit of a hybrid system right now because of the runoff needing to be manually drained, but hopefully next run, that will be fixed.

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Oh man, you got that right. Im “used to” soil grows where things take a bit to respond and recover…clearly this time round i don’t have that wait time.


Well, she is still a little droopy, but perked up a little bit. I adjuzted the timer to 3 sec on/4min off. Ph of res was 5.8, and was down about 1.3 gallons. Ec was 1250, so i added 1 gal of tap water and ph’d down to 5.4.


That’s a lot of bud sites. Getting really exciting in here

Well, i adjusted the timer again to 3sec on/5min off. Res is down about 2/3 of a gallon. Ph sitting at 5.5, ec 1150.

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