My perpetual grow journal

Starting a permanent journal for my grows. I plan to use my 2 4x4x5 tents, one for flower and one for veg. I just dropped 3 regular Black Betty seeds, and 3 feminized Blue Dream seeds from seedsman.

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Details of the Grow.
Basement location
4x4x80 grow tent
Sp3000 Mars Hydro Full Spectrum LED 300w true power
Fans TBD, trying to find roughly 6 inch oscillating tent fans.
6 inch exhaust fan to the outside connected via y connector to both veg and flower
18/6 light cycle
Potentially growing in a homemade high pressure aeroponics system-in process. If not, it will be Pro Mix HP soilless medium in
7 gallon fabric pots
Advanced Nutrients Sensi either way

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Well seeds opened, and the tails are visible. The tails are about 1/2 long now. Going to plant tonight.Pics are from 2 days ago:

Planted in solo cups half filled with pro mix hp. I took a bottle of spring water and put a dash of rooting powder, and a splash of Clone x rooting solution, and moistened the soil before filling the cups(new step for me). Then lightly watered them in after placing them taproot down.


Off to a great start!

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All but one has popped put of the soil:

This might be the fastest I have ever had seeds grow…

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Well I added some soil to the seedlings. They grew above their cups in no time. I put the cups inside the tray and put the dome over it after spraying with some water. Put them in the bottom of the tent with the mars hydro sp3000 300w led. Hanging at roughly 48" at 50 percent power ish. Still monitoring it so I can make adjustments.