Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


Okay let’s just call me CRAZY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I’m grabbing the roottone and a rapid rooter. While she’s not a clone it just might work and nothing really to lose​:blush: If it does work I’ll have to come up with an indoor grow situation… thinking :thought_balloon:


Re-trim the end and give it a try.


OOOO good luck! I tell you what, if little Bary ever does make it to flower and harvest, that is going to be one hell of a high and celebration!

Yeah the queens, not sure how to get at her. We have an acre and the mounds are everywhere so I am sure the tunnel system would impress Frank Lloyd Wright lol…It is frustrating.


Out of like @SmoknGranny but you go girl…don’t let that girl go without a fight. :confetti_ball::tada:


I am so sorry @SmoknGranny about your doggie and Bary :disappointed_relieved::heart: Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed (((hugs))) Prayers that Bary has another resurrection! :pray::pray:


Thanks all once again. You’re all wonderful :hugs:

@rodri59 ya might want to keep an eye on the hurricane also. I think if it does hit near the way they’re thinking, you may be getting some heavy rain.


Yeah looks like it is tracking a little bit further to the west then originally thought, but chances are we will just get some breezes and rain come Monday or Tuesday. In any case this shite better be out of here by the following Saturday!

:brain: What the ef do you need a brain emoji for?!? LOL.


Just got a Text from friend in Manatee County. They were told to voluntarily evacuate as they are in a red zone. She’s scared as their house is next to water but her not so bright hubby says they are staying. PLUS the idiot used the plywood for the Hurricane windows for other projects. Grrrrrr


I’m hoping you’ll be able to leave on schedule. I have my fingers crossed :blush::small_airplane:

Checked here no brain :frog:


OMG I think I would leave and let hubby ride it out alone… Yeah let me know how those plywood storm windows work…sheesh


Well hells bells you guys, this hurricane keeps inching westward, we are now in its direct path in Georgia. It will likely be just a powerful tropical storm when it hits us, thank goodness, but dang…


That’s what I told her! "Grab the dog and get out"
Metal tracks are installed on outside of windows and glass doors. You just slide the plywood in. It’s more for protection from flying glass. I had them installed on my house down there. And I built that house in a non flood zone.
I’m waiting to hear from down south from nephew who isn’t answering my texts :rage:


Good morning land lubbers and the like!

Well, baring any hurdles between now and tomorrow, we are going to be switching the light cycle on the ladies from 18/6 to 12/12. I asked a question somewhere else on the board and the general consensus seems to be that there is no real added value, or conversely, no detriment to the plants if you just do a quick flip compared to a gradual lowering of the light time over the course of a couple of days, so…since my motto has always been "just rip off the band-aid’, we are going to “just do it.”

The other big news in my life is this dang storm lurking down south. :rainbow: I have several friends who live in Ft Lauderdale (one of whom just lost her job, her mother died about 6 months ago and just 2 weeks ago her step-daughter hung herself in her bedroom at the family home) has decided to just tempt fate and “hunker down” during the storm. I feel so bad for this woman and she is such a sweetheart. But no amount of my pleading is working. I think she has suffered so much she is just letting fate determine what happens to her next. There is a saying in the widow community called “passive suicide.” This is, many times, the mind set you take when your spouse has died and you go through the whole why-am-I-still-here? questions. Then you think, “well, I don’t want to be here anymore. I won’t do anything to jump start the process, but at the same time I will not do anything to deter it either.” meaning you might start living life a bit on the edge; doing extreme things that might lead to your death. If you have a chronic illness, or get sick you don’t take your medicine or go to the doctor in the hopes that your I-don’t-want-to-be-here-anymore wish will be fulfilled.

Its a whole psychobabble mind trip :brain: (OMG I found a use for the brain emoji!!!) . Eventually most of us come out of it and realize that life is worth living, but it can be a dicey time. I think she is in that mind set. I know what it is, but there is nothing I can do to help her. She must find her way on this path alone. So I sit and because I am a worry-wart, I worry.

Now it would appear that Irma will make her appearance known to us here in Georgia on Monday. :wind_face: We will have nothing like what Florida is about to experience; what the Caribbean has gone through, but us rednecky-georgia types have trouble driving when there are clouds in the sky. I am not sure how we are going to deal with the projected 8 inches of rain and winds up to 60mph. One thing I am sure of, is that the schools will close :school: - probably for the whole week, since, well, that is what they do when they have any hint that the weather will be anything but perfect. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a retired teacher and I fully understand the need to keep those bright young minds safe, but I have NEVER in my working life EVER experienced school closings on the scale that Georgia has them for virtually no reason. No wonder there is such a rash of illiteracy up here. :crazy_face:

I would also put a bet on the fact that all the grocery stores are packed and that they are running low on things like water and diapers. Not to mention the run on generators. I wish we had a generator. :fire_engine: <-----I typed in “generator” nothing. I typed in “engine” and got a fire engine so there you go.

Sorry for the ramble. I took a picture of the girls last night and am waiting for it to forward to my email so I can post it here. So lucky you! are being honored with a glimpse into my scary and fringy mind HAH.

I looked at my doggie last night, she has black spots on her skin that show through her white hair. I noticed some very interesting patterns. I saw a “Mickey Mouse” with one mutilated ear, a Black Moon Rising (between two mountains) and dog with a squished head and a big black eye. She is very interesting this little dog. This was just on one side of her, I have yet to examine the other side…(still waiting for the picture to load).

OMG I am watching MSNBC and there are a bunch of golf carts full of pink flamingos! LOL I know what you are thinking, NO I am not high. They are doing a piece on the zoos in Florida. Poor creatures have no idea what is going on, apparently they are relocating them to a safer place within the zoo…

OMG FINALLY! They have undergone a HUGE growth spurt since we transplanted them into their 5 gallon homes 1.5 weeks ago. Have a great Friday today! Please say a prayer for all those in the path of Irma…

@Covertgrower @FreakyDeekie @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 (you asked to be tagged when I started my journal lol here you go good luck reading this thing!) @muffybunny @Spots @AnneBonny @Myfriendis410 @GetbackJoJo and of course all else who wander by for a read…


I have my folks in South west Fla just nort of Naples and south of Ft Myers
So I feel your stress and concern :+1:
Thoughts and prayers for all in Fla
@FloridaSon and @Onlythebest79 and any other from the state


@Countryboyjvd1971 I hope your folks evacuated! Prayers for them :pray: :prayer_beads:


We are all with your brother @Countryboyjvd1971 same here but wife’s side


I was reading something yesterday that talked about how they hoped like hell that Irma doesn’t punch up even further west and hit the gulf waters before it touches mainland Florida. Sorry I have been kinda MIA. Not to worry, LOL, I didn’t get a life. Had to chop down Stevie Nicks yesterday because I found 2 spider mites on the buds and they suddenly seemed to be losing some of their stickiness and smell. I got 617 grams wet. 18 colas of this size or slightly smaller with all of the big stems, fab leaves and half dead leaves removed so 22 oz wet. Pistils were 98 % red, tricomes had changed from Wednesday when they were about 30 % cloudy to 50 % amber on Thursday. I think those couple of spider mites might have stressed them. I decided to wash the buds and used the following method, taken from another site "
4 buckets total. (5 gallon buckets are perfect)

Bucket 1: 3 parts distilled water to 1 part 3% H202.
Bucket 2: 5 gallons of distilled water with 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Lemon Juice
Buckets 3 and 4: distilled water only.
Cut down plants, pull off fan leaves by hand, remove any necrotic leaves. Leave sugar leaves and anything with frosting on the plant.
Fully submerge in bucket 1 (H2O2) for 30 seconds. Submerge for a full minute if you had ANY sign of PM or bud rot. Let water drip from buds and then…
Fully submerge in buckets 2 through 4 for 30 seconds each…lightly agitating the whole time.
Allow produce to drip dry. You can blow a fan on it if you like, just make sure it’s blowing clean air.
Hang and dry per usual.

That water was pretty darn dirty, cat hair, my hair, spider mites, dust, etc.
Here is a photo of one of the colas, one of 18


Fekking :spider:mites. Sorry that happened to you Freaky, but sounds like you got it under control! So that recipe you just listed is to rid the buds of the mites? I need to copy that down, just in case.

Awesome you salvaged most of your harvest!!! :1st_place_medal:

Nice to see you again, I was wondering about you.


I washed them to clean out any possible spider webs and other debris. I knew there would be tons of cat hair on them. Christine McVie is going to have to come down by this weekend and then I can take the 4 big girls left outside and hose them off good, use, either Latewood or Garrigan’s, tobacco water recipe on the plants outside then haul them back into the tent


@rodri59 I keep forgetting that you are in Ga as well. Without specifics, what part of the state are you in?