Menojuana (aka: A middle aged woman’s attempt at a better quality life grow)


NW - ish area, you Jojo?


@rodri59 congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::champagne: at getting to flip the switch for the light schedule. Prepare for some MASSIVE growth the first week, with out much bud activity! Then, all of a sudden the stretching will slow, then you’ll see actual flowers arrive. I’m super excited for you, and look forward to your updates.
I’m certain your friend will be fine hunkered down. It’s tough to lose someone, and sometimes they make rash decisions.


Thanks for the tip covert. If they do to much growing we might have to do a little stress training as son’s grow cab is only about 4 ft in height…:confounded: They are already about 2 ft high.


@rodri59 if you have a 4ft limit, I would suggest to chop the tops now so they stay short. How much they stretch is also strain dependent. Mine are almost 4ft now. I can go home at lunch and give you a measurement just for your sake. So in about 4 hours I’ll eat lunch… in case you forgot the time difference. :wink:


Thanks Covert.The ones we are moving over to sons cab are the Indica dominant plants, but right now they are as tall as the sativa dominants. If you can measure them that would be great!

If we do any topping now, you don’t think that will effect them adversely since we are flipping them this weekend?


I’ve read of a few people chopping the top, then flipping the light. The nodes on the sides will just take off during the stretch. Entirely up to you. I have a lot of 50/50 mix of indica/sativa and each one is a bit different. My og Kush I literally propped up on a bucket so it got enough light. Another og Kush is every bit as tall as the others and doesn’t need a bucket. The two sativas are very tall and stringy. I’ll sneak a pic for you too. Today’s update my journal day anyways.


Thanks Covert, you are the best! :camera_flash:


Um… Go Dawgs!! :smirk:


Gotcha, y’all stay safe over there:) :dog:


@rodri59 my tallest sativa dominant strain is at 3ft exactly the 50/50 mixes (GSC, WW, OG) are about 4-6” shorter than that.


Awesome!! They look incredible Covert! Keep up the good work.

Son and I have made an executive decision, we are going to try a SCROG screen and see how we do with that for the sativas in his grow cab. Less stress on them I think.

We are definitely learning. We could have probably put these girls in flower 2-3 weeks ago and not had so much height. But alls well that ends well…I hope :crazy_face:

Wish me luck!


Yep. I saw your other post about lights. You’re not going to know until you do it​:blush: As well tended that your ladies have been I think they will do well for you :rose:. They sure do poise pretty for the pics!
I’m so sorry about your friend in Ft Lauderdale but I’m also empathetic with her feelings. It took you (& me {1rst hubby suicide}) time to work things out. I have her in my prayers.
My nephew still hasn’t answered my texts but has been on Facebook. I’m leaving him a message there to write his name and DOB with a marker across his chest!!! Particularly since Irma seems to be going more to the west. And I’m hoping that Georgia doesn’t get it too bad.
The school closings in Nebraska are similar to Georgia. Between early outs, teacher work days, light snow and local events I’m astounded that these kids learn anything. But then again their textbooks leave a lot to be desired.
Your imagination with the spots on your dog :dog: is interesting. Now I won’t be looking at my critters the same way :rofl:
Miami Zoo and others in Florida have had too much experience with their animals. But the zoos do the best they can to protect them and it’s a hard job. Sadly, I think the animals in the Everglades will again show signs of disease and stress and humane hunts will have to be conducted again for the deer :deer:
I’m still hoping that NONE of the horrible weather affects your trip plans. I’m so looking forward to the pics I know you will take :blush:


Sorry you had that happen but thanks for the detailed instructions. I’ve made notes :+1: I’m happy you were able to save most of grow. All your hard work will pay off :blush:


You okay @rodri59 ?


@SmoknGranny Mentally or physically? lol some would argue my mental “okay-ness” but, yes, I am fine. Thanks for asking :slight_smile: :green_heart: Keeping close eyes on Irma. She is suppose to head SE of us, more of an Alabama thing, but we will be on her Eastern side and that usually means mucho tornados for us. Apparently, we live in what is known as Georgia’s “tornado alley.” My ex husband took great pleasure in relaying that bit of information a couple years back…go figure.

Yesterday, we were busy with finishing up sons grow cab for the switch today and clipping, bathing and drying 5 dogs. Ugh. I am glad I don’t have to do that every week. Thank goodness I only have 3 dogs who need haircuts. The other two (a Chihuahua and my little white doxy, Pepper) who don’t need haircuts, but they do need baths now and then. Sooooo. Got them all purdied up to meet Irma :).

We are making the big switch later today for the girls. We had a few light holes to patch up in the grow cabinet. So the lights go off at 1:30 today, we will put them in the grow cabinet and then instead of the lights coming back on at 7.30pm they will come on at 9.00pm and we will run a 9-9 schedule. Their days and nights are still mixed up, but we need to avoid the peak electricity hours to save a bit of money especially since we will be running to grow areas with double the lighting etc. I don’t think we go off the energy saver with the elec co until the first of November.

I will take pictures when we are done and post. We are also building a SCROG screen for the grow cabinet to try to control the height of the plants. In my room I don’t care, I have 7feet of height to play with, but the cabinet is a little more restrictive with a height of just 4 feet.

So there you go. Hope things are good with you and yours. Did you harvest your plants at your partners place? I think you had convinced her to wait until at least Friday? Let me know!!!

Talk soon!


Whew :blush: I’m glad you’re making preparations. I’m sure the pups appreciated the “prehurricane” :bath:.
My grandniece and her mom headed your way. They stopped at Ellabell GA. Nephew was talking about surfing :surfing_man:as he didn’t evacuate. I knew we dropped him on his head too many times :rofl: The only thing keeping me sane from worrying and staying glued to the weather channel is The Walking Dead reruns.
Lost the Setter’s kennel mate last night. I’m not surprised as I’ve had this happen before but still hurts. Now down to 7 dogs and 7 :cat:.
Sounds like you’ve made great progress for your ladies. I’m getting excited for you :tada: I don’t know what happened but Partner changed her mind about total cutdown :smiley: for a couple of more weeks. She admitted that while she’s good with trees, shrubs, tropical and house plants, she had never really studied the nuances of growing weed. She’s now reading and learning. She’s even talking about doing another Grow this Spring. Old dogs can learn new tricks!!!
I still have ALL in my :pray:t2:
Thanks for checking in :hugs:


@rodri59 I understand about the electricity bill, which is the reason why I went LED. That being said, the hydroelectric power plant is down right now, and the whole town is being powered by 3 diesel locomotive engines connected to generators. We used 5,000 gallons of fuel on Monday, for one day. Yep, that’ll be a fuel surcharge. Wish me luck for the 10 days thing running!
On the plant :seedling: subject, when you get your scrog set up, post pics. I’m undecided, but I want to make sure my grow tent is properly utilized at almost all times. I’m also considering a smaller one to veg in. Before this is all over I may end up with two smaller tents. (And omgosh more lights) I wish you the best in your building of the scrog. Which strain did you decide put in there?


1 week into flower. The ladies are really starting to stretch. Typical teenagers, they just think they can do as they please. Keep telling them they need to put on a little weight but they are just not listening. Probably could do a bit of trimming underneath. Looking very healthy but again, like teenagers, they can’t keep their heads out of the pantry. Always hungry. Feeding every third day now and they are absolute pigs and just gobble it all up. Need to figure out how to raise my lights a little more me thinks. Can only be a good problem. Keep growing and learning my friends.


Damn, wrong photos. Please see below :slight_smile:


Well covert, no strains…yet. We got everything set up, moved all plants into his grow cab so I could do some light bulb changes and light plugging up in my room.

We made the scrog screen and just sat back to await the magic hour (9:00 pm is when the lights were suppose to come on) and!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nuttin. My lights came on just fine, his, not so much. :cry:

We had to water ( which is a job in itself) so we quickly relocated them out to the workshop, watered and spritzed them then placed them in my grow closet until Tuesday when he gets a new light (HPS) hoping it is just the bulb that burned out for some strange reason since the bulb is brand new.

And the saga continues…sigh