Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


@MattyBear Holy F’ing Moly!! Those are beautiful!!! How far from harvest are you?


They sure are happy campers! Watching my plants explode right now; they love the sun.


I staggered these ones so I have one that’s around a month away, another that’s 5-6 weeks away and 2 more that are 7-9 weeks away from harvest. I did it that way so I wouldn’t be stuck trimming for a week straight lol


Hi MattyBear,
My name’s Rick and I’ve been following your grows for awhile. You’re really an inspiration to me. Anyway I was really surprised that you were using 3 gallon fabric pots for your Outdoor grow. Is it just because they’re Autos? Or have you had successful outdoor grows of photos in that size pot. I’m just curious because I use 7 gal now and if a 3 gal works close to the same it could represent a little bit of savings. I used 3 gal fabrics for my Indoor grow and I don’t think they constrained any growth.
Keep up the awesome work!


Hey @qb_power! Thanks for those kind words… you humble me… I’m glad you like following along and feel free to chime in anytime! Anyways… I use 3 gallon pots for all my autos, indoors or outdoors. They typically have such a short veg time, in my experience, that 3 gallon is all I’ve ever needed. The fabric pots air prune the roots and I guess maybe I’ve either gotten lucky, or haven’t been maximizing my potential if I’d have grown in larger pots for autos. Hard to say, but I’m not complaining… life is good for the most part lol. I also didnt want monster plants outside because I’m in a residential neighborhood, even tho I’m a licensed grower, I don’t want to invite attention. :wink:


I hear you about the area. Same boat here. So I assume you only grow Autos outdoors?


Yeah, Only autos or short flowering indica dominant regs/fems. I’ve tried growing a 9 week Sativa and lost pounds to bud rot. Where about’s are you? PNW?


SoCal. We don’t get the rain you do. I had some budrot last year from caterpillars. But I’ve been spraying BT weekly this year and so far haven’t seen one caterpillar. I only grow Sativa dominant.


Lucky! Sativas stay inside up here, unfortunately. Well for me at least lmao. I’ve got some sh*t going down in my 2x2 right now… trying to make some new :fire: strains ha. Little sneak peak…


This is one of my Blue Dream tops that I’m bending over to keep it from going over the fence.


I think you keep posting these to torment us indoor growers lol You are growing some monsters over there.


Ha, I agree @Not2SureYet! Time to build a taller fence! Everything looks great, bud :+1:


I’m in SoCal as is @Big123 who is also doing a killer outdoor grow.

The general consensus is 3 gallon is fine for autos but @Not2SureYet had some issues in 3’s and has since gone up to 7’s with his autos. I use 7’s for my photos and it’s just barely enough IMO.


@Myfriendis410 thx for the opinion. I’m sure that’s correct. The idea of growing an outdoor photo in a 3 gal was probably just a “pipe dream” :slight_smile: Anyway I’ve never gone below a 7 gal outdoors.


@qb_power here’s @big123’s journal. It’s worth reading and you can drool over his trees haha! Anyone who has to use a Home Depot bucket for bud storage is my hero lol.

California Organic Backyard Grow 65 Gallon Grow Bags


@MattyBear you auto’s look great bro, gonna have some nice fat colas!

Smart of you to time them to stagger the harvest…and that’s just your outdoor stuff lol…can’t wait to see what happens with your new strains…

Cheers All!!!


@Myfriendis410 thx for the tip . I’m watching it.


Did I tell you I have a BG Cinderella xx going right now? :wink: Gonna keep her as a mother plant :v:


Very nice bro!!! I’m sure you do Mr Soul proud!!! Maybe someday I’ll get a proper indoor setup going and join the lab. Got my hands full trying not to kill what I have already :crazy_face:


Have any of you ever encountered this; one of my fabric pots there’s almost always 6 to 10 bees buzzing around and crawling around near the bottom of the pot. I can’t notice anything externally different about the pot. They’re all the same package and first grow. Well thx in advance if anyone has any ideas.