Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


They might be drinking the runoff water? Maybe? Not sure on that one, just a guess


@MattyBear I was thinking that also but then why only the one pot? But maybe you’re on to something. The plant in that pot is about 2.5 months younger because one of the seeds of that strain was actually an auto instead of a fem and I replaced the seed after I chopped it. So maybe with 2.5 months worth less of roots the pot retains more runoff moisture that attracts the bees? Still not fully convinced but it’s the only thing I’ve thought of.


Did you flush the pot? Could be after salt build ups.


I flushed about a week but that weird little auto only got about a foot high, really like one big (but really little:)) bud. So I just pulled it up and planted another seed immediately. You could be right because that is really the only difference with that pot.


Gang gang


looks like the sun has been kind to your plants. Those colas a huge. I can’t wait till you take these down.


Happy birthday Matt!


Thanks Rob!!!


Bruh that cola on the right is FAT!


Thanks dude! Yeah, it’s a solid cola so far… hoping the younger ones wanna get fat too :wink:


Happy happy @MattyBear


The minimum ten characters rule kinda takes away from the sentiment a single word answer like, “damn.” would imply, but this long response works, too. Huge colas! :+1:



Did you trim off most of her leaves Matt. She looks naked lol


They do, but I don’t remember ever seeing them with any leaf density. I guess they don’t need all those leaves to grow lol :thinking:


I know he told me once they were flowering you could trim some off. Looks like he took every thing :confused: If that is the case. I would like to trim the crap out of the magnum since it is almost done


You can, especially if they’re near finished and you have fans covering buds.

We’ll see, he may have been trimming often from the beginning. But I don’t ever remember his outdoor plants being heavy on leaves.


I trimmed some that blocked other buds. I will do a touch more and then just leave what is not in the way. His just look bare, as if they were photos


I have been pulling leaves for a few weeks. A few at a time that either had powder mildew, blocking buds or were starting to yellow up. Outdoors in my climate, I have to prune or mildew and rot can set in fast. I don’t like leaves touching because that’s where the morning dew can get trapped as well. I am a pruner tho! Guilty as charged. Lol. I’ve gotten used to reading my plants and I know they will grow with the amount of leaves I leave on. I will tell you this… I wasn’t a believer in trimming or pruning until I did a few plants of my own and saw the results with my own eyes. Air flow is key


I better go trim a couple more. I always thought I needed all the leaves for the colas to grow. I know the sugar leaves are all over the buds. Part of my education here. Learning as you did what can be done safely