Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


They might be drinking the runoff water? Maybe? Not sure on that one, just a guess


@MattyBear I was thinking that also but then why only the one pot? But maybe you’re on to something. The plant in that pot is about 2.5 months younger because one of the seeds of that strain was actually an auto instead of a fem and I replaced the seed after I chopped it. So maybe with 2.5 months worth less of roots the pot retains more runoff moisture that attracts the bees? Still not fully convinced but it’s the only thing I’ve thought of.


Did you flush the pot? Could be after salt build ups.


I flushed about a week but that weird little auto only got about a foot high, really like one big (but really little:)) bud. So I just pulled it up and planted another seed immediately. You could be right because that is really the only difference with that pot.


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