Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


I’m all over that Alan! If you can hold off that is…:wink:


I’ve managed to keep it this long…have some hand extracted, (by me) cask strength 8 year old bourbon. 134 proof. REALLY oaky. I think that will stay home. But this batch was my favorite and I bought half a dozen bottles to gift and use. Sounds like a good use for it.


If it happens I’d like a taste!


Well I don’t intend to haul the damned thing back with me lol!


I’m trying to remember what name of place was we had some solid whiskey for my bachelor party. It was in Monte Carlo I think, memories of that night a little foggy.


Haha, bachelor party memories are supposed to be foggy, if not non-existent, Rob… lol!!! Alan, I’d love to taste anything you helped create my friend!


Seeing as how I’m driving; I’ll supply some cannabis for the flyers in the group.


Even better man! We should probably talk about this in the lab so we don’t get mistaken for dunces lmao.


Too late LMAO!


Oh dear…so there’s a dress code like hospital whites and hairnets like the old lady’s at the school cafeteria. I’ll be the old dude in flops and shorts with a drink in his hand and a big ole grin on his face :slight_smile:


Figuratively and literally haha.


The gang of White Widow autos


Can’t wait to see how those colas finish.




Those are some huge autos. Are they in 7 gallon pots or bigger?


Believe it or not, these are in 3 gallon pots!


What week are you in? I didn’t get away with 3 gallon pots for any of mine :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@MattyBear yeah; Brian’s plants exhibited severe low PH issues late in flower and I attributed it to the plants’ being root bound in their 5 gallon pots. Just an FYI.


I’m okay with low ph late in flower, honestly. The last 2 weeks that is. I haven’t had many problems in the past with 3 gallon fabric pots becoming too root bound.


I think my ph dropped in the last 3 weeks for the big bud and about the last 4 for the AK. Would be nice to use 3 gallons. The coco went a lot farther lol