Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow


Hey all! Going to kick off my outdoor grow! I’m going to be running White Widow autos and I’ll keep some in the greenhouse and some out in the open air. I just put the first girl in the greenhouse this morning and I’ll be staggering germination every week or so. @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Mrcrabs @TDubWilly @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @highcountrygal @mulegal @BIGE


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How come you only have bricks in the center of the tent?


They are just there so the roots don’t grow into the ground. I’m gonna space them out and have pots sitting on top of 2 bricks each


Got it. Good idea. I wouldn’t have thought of that. It is going to be a full tent with that many bricks. :grin:


Awesome :star_struck:


I’m in!

Did you get your confirmation email yet? Please tag me when you get in…


Not yet… I’m thinking today should be the day!


@MattyBear I’m here and watching also. No confirm email yet either. This is going to be great.


I’m here and on watching. Go get em bro!


I had one similar to this at one point. You can always roll those sides up a bit on hot days to help with air flow


For sure. This will be the second year using this greenhouse. Hoping for no mold/but rot this year because I had to throw away a couple pounds of buds last year. That’s why I added the vents and will keep the door rolled up most of the time this year to keep plenty of air moving around. :+1:


That’s a nice greenhouse :+1: Mine is up and with storms coming in tonight, I’m hoping that I have it staked down good :grin: My question is, how big did you make your vents? 8X12” ?
Thanks and I’ll be tagging along :hugs:


I honestly didn’t measure. I bought a roll of screen for $6 and just cut as level as I could and then taped the screen on both sides so it’s tight. Easy peasy! Lol


:rofl: now that sounds like something I usually do! No problem as I’ll just wing it also :grin:

I have some mosquito netting for the windows. I figured it would be easier to fold up the cover using that as all the screen I have is metal.


YeeeHaaaaw @MattyBear…Let the summer grow begin! I’m with ya.


Great setup, good luck with your grow brother @MattyBear


@MattyBear Oh that is nice! Up ended cinder blocks work really well. A cinder for a contender! not so much bending!


Don’t forget that you can throw a rope over your greenhouse and tie it down if you’re worried about weather. Well staked down it will hold well.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 When I can get up again I may try that. :hugs: