Just a grow not ment to do much

Good for you. Do you grow inside in winter

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I had three surprise flowers outside of my door this morning. soo i am going to try inside winter without tent… In a some what okay small closet. only one will be able to get big in there… Soo ill have to see who is strongest in a few weeks. Ill leave the other two just about in the house till the kick it

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I don’t grow in a tent I like to be able to grow big plants. I’d rather have 1 big plant in closet than 4 smaller plants in tent. Where did your surprise come from your hubby? As long as you don’t have to worry about the smell you can fix you a good spot in closet. For my small walk in closet I got the silver emergency blankets that come folded up in really small pkgs especially if in 1st aide kits and they were perfect for reflecting material and under $3 at Atwoods and Walmart. 2 or 3 cover alot of wall

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No i sweep seeds out my door from time to time. They just wanted to grow… Untill i left them out and they froze… Yes i killed them. i didn’t know it was going to get soo cold.

I have 4 first aide kits so i probavly have enough to cover the closet for next time.

It turned really cold really fast I sure missed having Fall. It’s supposed to be in 60’s for highs for about a week here then winter so I’ve got to have a winter grow of some kind not only for the smoke but to give me something to do when weather keeps me inside