Just a grow not ment to do much

I have 6 plants one is a month old likes to do the back bend and has little roots( got soaked by texas rain twice)

Will add photos later signal prevents me.

I have a three week old plant doing a little better than monthy still has small roots ( caught out in rain )

My other 4 are most likely are not to make it they came out doing deformed things. Who knows maybe they will suprise me so far they are not doing much ( maybe they are storing up) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing:
I bring all plants inside at night to keep an eye on them ,and see what bugs try to score a bed and free food NONE SO FAR!!! YAY!!

I do not have any tools i need for a grow, just growing to sooth my idle hands before i dead head my rose bush to soon…:laughing:
I do plan on geting most of what i need for a real grow… Itll just be to late… For outside texas heat its already climbing higher than id like.

Btw seeds are not anything but from some random dirt weed


Ive had plants start off kinda deformed at beginning. They all turned out fine. But this texas heat may kill them.


The texxas heat is what im worried about. They don’t have any satbilization in 'em yet. so i know them roots are not trying to do much yet. Fingers crossed they come up better, or just more. they cool kinda cool, so if they stay lookin funny ill be happy.


This is the month old Lady ( got stuck out in rain toll is taken) she is doing a little better. she is going to lose her first fingers for sure… slowly but she will…

Three week old is trying to do better than big sis.

Nether are lookers, i dont have any pics of my mini deformed ones yet. ill get some when i bring them inside tonight.


Are you going to stay in pots or eventually go into ground? Also in your pics a name appears. Not sure if you wanted it there being texas.
They dont look bad. Are you just letting mother nature control the grow or are you intervening?
And your first pic im assuming the backbend girl can be helped by either bury the stem more & or a tall stick of some kind.


Thank you but .not my legal name. Yes first one is back bend. it used to be worse, i did burry her a little just didnt want to do to much at once. I was going to keep them in pots so i can pull them from the heat if i need to. But ill have to get the ones i have in one gals. Into five gals. I have the deformed ones still in the. Origanial coffee container. That i put them in when droped tails in.
Mrs.back bend got a bruise on another set today… Not sure how…

This little guyhas stayed this little for two weeks finally is getting another set

I don’t even know what say about the last two :sweat_smile:

This one i had to cut its first set off they where nearly rock solid. Since i cut them off the stem seems to finally be growing a little

It’ll be fun seeing how they end up

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I forget about this one cause she is doing so well

one leaf looks a little weird but she is loving life lol


Good way to start I’m only on my 2nd grow but my 1st grow I had seeds I’d saved from some good smoke and planted them. I had 1 get 5 ft tall very sativa and 2 about 4 ft and 1good indica. Had to pull early as I had to throw a male out and should have covered it with a sheet going out door cause I ended up with a few seeds like 1 a bud but was some very skunky smelling good stuff. The indica does not have seeds but would have been a better harvest if they’d gone full time. This time I have 3 bag of seed plants in one grow room and my clones in big grow room. I love the regular seed.

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I kept my seedlings under a florescent light with double bulbs in the peat pots I kept them really close to light so had to water 3 times a day. When they started getting too tall I put them right up between the 2 bulbs. I know it sounds crazy but they made pretty little bushes and that light didn’t get hot, only problem when I started to transplant I had to peal peat pot off and there were so many roots couldn’t get bottom of pot off

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This is one

can’t get her all in pic


Thats a bushy gal!! I cant believe fluorescent lights. Did her so well

Just to start when they were root bound in peat pot I transplanted directly into 5 gal and then under 1000 watt led. She’s in 8th week of veg stage and then she’ll get 48 hours of dark then start flowering. I have the fox farm trio coming ups and can’t wait to try big bloom and I think it’s tiger bloom. Hoping 2nd grow goes better than 1st I figure the 1st 3 or 4 will be learning grows for me


I did training for 1st time, I topped her then she got away from me got to big to spread 4 ways so I pulled over and tied down main stem and can’t believe the results


Well u r doing great! Im trying to get ol’ man to let me get the fox farms trio. Dont know if itll be a few weeks or not but fingers crossed.

I talked myself into it because you use so little it lasts a long time, good for a few grows. I must admit I thought you were a guy cause for a long time I thought I was only female except @MattyBear .These guys have been very helpful. Too bad you’re in Texas do you think they’ll ever legalize medical marijuana there?


These two girls are. Still keeping their looks for me

I recently transplanted this gal into the bigger pot she doesnt seem phased by the move. She is already growing again! Yay😝

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Yeah i talked myself into it last year but that was a straight no from him last year. He is still on fence doesnt like the price i showed him lol.
Yeah i am not sure a bunch of ladies r on here, but im not sure.
I am sure texas will legalize oklahoma did. I think there is somthing in works… But it may just be rumors. I Have not checked whats going on in a few months.

Yes I’m in Oklahoma and dispensaries popped up over night. I just wanted to be able to grow and with a card you can have 6 plants and 6 starts and that’s enough to keep up with for me. The commercial growers in our little town seem to think they need to make what they can cause in 3 to 4 years it’ll be legal everywhere- I don’t know. Well happy growing I’m sure we’ll be in touch

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How are your plants