ILGM genetics indoor grow

Anytime my dude! Keep taggin and me updated. I slip at times… frequebt tags throw me off catchin up. But sometimes advice outweighs the old stuff (most times actually :rofl:)

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Here is a current picture of this plant’s canopy. Damage doesn’t show up well but on the large fan (left center) and smaller bud leaf (bottom left bud) it can be seen.

If it were more widespread, I would suspect light burn. Still keeping a close eye out for pests, especially ones that “hit and run”.


In other news…

That is confirmed. :frowning_face:
I did not want the stress of another “special needs” WW so I trashed the still green(ish) sprout.
I soaked a Bubba Kush and another purple whatever and they reacted vigorously! One day soak and 2 days wet paper towel and they had nice looking tails. They are now in their forever homes to keep this grow goin’.
Have a safe and happy 4th to all my American growmies! :partying_face: :sparkler: :fireworks:


Purp has as good or better advice than me here.


Gonna be closing out this thread as these last few plants in old soil finish. Got a new thread standing by for the new grow with fresh FF soil.
So, 1st out the door will be this White Widow auto that grew weird. It sort of self topped(made 2 tops)but didn’t stretch or branch out. She is tight as a drum and looking quite ready. Hoping for at least 2 oz from this one.

Right behind that will be another WWA. Nice shape and structure but the buds didn’t get very big. Same age as the first but lagging behind. Hoping for another 2 from this.

Lost track of what this is exactly but probably either Bubba Kush or the hermie sourced purple?
Leaning toward hermie since it had some sus growth.

It is showing female pre-flower.

But it also had this. I plucked 'em off before it was for sure male sacs but they look ballsy and had no visible hair.

Just those 2 so far right below where it was topped. Fans here were removed (hence the stumps)and stalks above are fans, no new growth above this junction.

Lastly, the other that I lost track of is growing wonky. Only a few days behind the one above that is beginning to flower. Hoping it is just the bad soil and not a streak of bad luck.

These last 2 are replacements for a straight dud and a sickly dying sprout. If things don’t start to look greener soon, I will be looking at a gap in my supply line. :grimacing:



Perhaps get her out of that soil and into some fresh? At the stage she is now I’d probably try that before cutting her up into clones.


These are all autos, no clones to be had.
I have decided it is time to soak a couple of seeds for the new soil I’ve got. I doubt that wonky one will produce much and the one with possible sacs is concerning. If I can just get a couple of nice healthy plants started now, I should have enough stash, counting the 2 that are close to harvest, to make it to next harvest as long as they are done in 14 weeks or less. :crossed_fingers:

Hm. I’ve seen revegged autos. I’m not sure I buy into the one-and-done marketing of autos anymore. I meant to try to reveg my last one but honestly I just forgot.


The smaller of the 2 replacements has been exiled from the tent as a sub-par producer. I may stick it out in the woods or something.
The second one that had suspect looking sacs is doing very well now.

Did LST yesterday and she is turning back upright nicely now. Gonna have about a dozen nice tops/colas.


Only 2 living plants left to be discussed in this thread. One of the WWA’s, the one that sort of self topped, already got chopped and it dried rather quickly. I was surprised that it dried so fast since it was mainly 2 large colas. Total yield was only about 35g. I trimmed it up to put in GB’s and found a little fuzzy gray mold near the top of the largest cola in the center around the stem. It was only a couple of grams I think and I just tossed the affected parts. The smoke is great and the smell is pretty good even though it has had no cure time yet.
Still growing is the other WWA at about 6 weeks in flower. All the fans have yellowed just in the past few days so it is getting close although it still has lots of white pistils. They may never turn completely since the trichomes look mostly cloudy already. Going for 2 more weeks if it keeps enough green that long.
The other living plant from this grow is the mystery seed that had some sus growth a couple of weeks ago. It is looking very healthy with a bunch of colas that are developing nicely. I did however, find another suspected male pod down low on the plant today. It has grown close to an inch a day for the past week. :smiley:
Almost forgot, I mentioned one that was growing “wonky” a couple of weeks ago. Well it continued being weird like it was only 1 stalk with no branching. I transplanted it to a 2 gal planter and stuck it out in the yard in a bush. It is still alive but not doing much and still has no branches.