ILGM genetics indoor grow

White Widow autos from ILGM.
3gal fabric pots
Sta-Green potting soil with added peat and perlite.
Humbolt’s Secret part A+B nutes.
Mars Hydro T-1000 adjustable LED
32x32x66 tent.


These are the first 2 out of a “buy 10 get 10 free” sale.

This one is having a rough start. Tail not developing as well as I would like and was having trouble shedding the seed membrane. :arrow_up:

This one looked strange like it had no leaves. :arrow_up:

It finally showed some leaf but it is deformed. :arrow_up:


Definitely gonna be set to watch i just popped my 1st ever auto a few days ago im in FF soils tho


Which FF soil? Happy Frog , Ocean Forest or a mix of the 2?
What is the strain of the auto?


I use both I use oven forest on the bottom 1/3 of my pot and happy from on the top 2/3 of my pot sense ocean forest can be a bit strong i use 3 gallon pots and atm im growing a Chemdog x Amnesia blue headband from another breeder


I’m sorry the auto im growing is a Purple Jack and Cheese by a different breeder i also have a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from ilgm and a wedding cake from ilgm going also

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You know im hanging in the background. Good luck this grow as well @HMGRWN

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This one still not looking great. It tried to open and I saw baby leaves forming but then closed back up. Still green(ish) though so it gets treated as alive. :arrow_down:

This one is doing much better as the leaves look almost normal now. :arrow_down:

This is also a White Widow auto but from a different seed bank. She was sprouted the first week of August. Topped once 2 or 3 days ago and tied over. I want her to stretch more as she is purely hugging the ground. Raised the lights to encourage that. :arrow_down:

4 inches tall. LOL :rofl: Would be close to 6" if not tied down (LST)


On the older one, I have already removed several fan leaves to allow light to reach more tops.


What a trouper! :arrow_down:

Still covering this one for a while it looks like.

This one quite well behaved so far. :arrow_down:

Just coming out from under the dome.

Here’s shorty. :arrow_down:

Growin’ like a weed.

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Busy week for the girls.
The shy one, still under a dome. :arrow_down: Only comes out for pictures. Just teased her with a ring of rainwater.

The “good child”. :arrow_down: Will probably be a pain later…LOL

This is the “short” one from different seed bank and about 4 weeks older. :arrow_down: About 10" growth in a week!

A plethora of bud sites. :smiley:

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The big one is in preflower. :+1: :blossom:

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Just a quick update. Pretty quiet here plant wise as well as weather wise. Getting what I like to call “false fall” down here. Cooler temps but they are fleeting, I know.
Anyways, here are the girls starting with the stunty runty :pinching_hand:looking like a real plant(almost). :arrow_down:

Here’s her “twin” sister germinated in the same paper towel. :arrow_down:

And here is the older cousin from another source. :arrow_down:

Group photo. :arrow_down:


The big one is drinking about 3qt every other day or so. I am going to “clean up” the underneath today or tomorrow.
The larger of the 2 ILGM girls has been tied down(LST) but no topping for her. I will let her grow a bit before any trimming.
The littlest, toughest one may get to grow how she wants as far as space permits.

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The big girl has EXPLODED. Good gal as well. But big cuz is due for a defoil lol.

And poor stunty… she’ll eventually get with the program LOL

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Well, another week has gone by and my WWs are chugging along quite nicely.
Lil’ runty has been domed in an effort to get more veg before the flowers start.
The bigger ILGM girl is flowering and starting the stretch.
Big cuz is spreading out trying to take over the tent.
Here are some pics.
1st up is little runty. :arrow_down:

Here’s a couple of shots of the “good” child. :arrow_down:

Both ILGM girls at home. :arrow_down:

Finally the beast, big cuz. Hoping for my biggest harvest from this one. :arrow_down:

Family photo all tucked in. :arrow_down:

All green this week, except for the white pistils of course. Took these pics a few minutes ago.

Li’l runty one that was under the ICU dome last week.

The good child. Running out of horizontal space and getting “lanky” so I made a torture device from a piece of fence.

The “Twins?” Same strain, same age grown side by side.

Finally, big cuz getting all fat and sassy. I wish she were alone in the tent and I could spread her out to fill the 32x32.


Wow the big girl is looking really nice!
Gonna follow along!

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Thanks! I am trying to get enough of a “stash” to really grow 1 plant to full potential. Still smoke it faster than I can produce. Harvest of the big one will be approx 1 year since I started growing/learning and my longest “cure” still untouched after only 5 +1/2 weeks.
With proper training, I believe the big one would have completely filled my available space.

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She is looking awesome and I do think if given the chance that she would fill the tent.
This is my first time with autos also and I’m still struggling to get more than 3/4 oz per plant. Just like you I smoke faster than I can grow…lol
Have you tried planting in a larger pot? I can almost guarantee you a bigger yield…even in a 7.5 gal container