ILGM genetics indoor grow

Definitely not a master but I can agree on more P+K but not sure about no N at all. I use same nutes throughout and use potash and bone meal for extra P+K.

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Beautiful work

I agree there. Up the PK n reduce the N. You dont want to pull it prematurely… as they need it to stay green.

Yep. This is my go-to method. I tried just cutting N once, it was ugly.

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Got the second Purple-X trimmed and in GB today. Been cut less than 4 days and she was already over-dry. The aroma as I was manicuring was sweet and fruity, no hay smell at all. :honey_pot::nose: :pineapple:
Weighed in at a cool 4 oz!
Oh, and it smokes really good too. Very smooth despite not being cured at all.

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Just dropping off some pics and info on my current family. All White Widow auto. :ok_hand:
The one on the right is my 4/20 sprout, the other 2 are about 4+1/2 weeks above ground.

4/20 has been flowering about 4 weeks. She’s kinda small.

The center one that is tilted back is the one that self-topped. It is growing all wonky as the stalk gets thicker bottom to top. Too thick for LST so I tilt the entire pot about 45 deg. Started flower a few days ago.

This one seems to be the happiest of the 3. I FIMMED her a few days ago and raised the lights a little trying to get a little height out of her before she blooms.

Not expecting much out of the first 2 so I started another WW seed today. When that one gets going, I will start a couple of Bubba Kush’s. :crazy_face:
Happy Growing!


Looking good brotha only thing i hate about autos is how unpredictable they are for growth but its also a part of the game when growing autos 1st auto i ever grew was about 4ft tall and gave me just over 3 ounces of good dense buds but the last few autos have been questionable in size and in density of buds lol

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My seed is being stubborn and has not popped a tail yet. It does look like it cracked finally and I have the final home planter all prepared.
My happy girl got handled a little rough and I broke a branch clean off the stalk. :astonished:
(center of this picture)

I dipped it in rooting powder and put it in very moist soil. Here’s what it looks like 2 days later.

Can’t see but that is in a cut off water bottle and is sitting in with the “parent”. So far it doesn’t seem to notice it is severed from Mom. LOL

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Family photo. In the background is a seed about to break soil in the next couple of days.
All White Widow autos.

The 4/20 sprout.

The “self-topped”, top heavy one. She is tilted back about 45 deg because the stalk is thicker up high than it is at the base. Too stiff for LST.

This one is doing real good. Nice shape and lots of tops(about 12 or 13)even after breaking off a whole branch.

The broken branch. Been in this moist soil about a week with no droop yet! Hoping for 1/4 oz or so from her. LOL


Girls r looking good

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