Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Thank goodness for not starting completely over though


She’s pretty as well @Majiktoker woohoo


How are doing this morning man your all around lol


He can’t help himself cb is at work lol :joy:


Lmfao was at work @Hogmaster and @majiktoker
I’m heading home early to do daddy duties hahahaha
I haven’t been around much with the heat but it cooled off again to normal temps so all calm now lol
And I majiktoker how about yourself brother


Im doing good sore moved 10,450 lbs of cars yesterday by pure core strength reasoning for that was because they needed to be moved but none of the 3 cars run


Your a animal @Majiktoker lol


Heaviest thing Ive ever moved lol I was curious how much weight was being pushed and pulled so I added it up and it came to 10,450 lbs. Felt like superman lol @Countryboyjvd1971


Hahahah be careful kiddo feeling superman and being superman two different things hahaha
Bet it was a good stress reliever tho :+1:


Oh yea definitely lol and yea no kidding at least my back doesn’t hurt just hands arms and chest, was pushing from the back and pulling with a tow rope lol work smarter and not as hard but still work pretty damn hard

And no stress left id say so lol best stress reliever beside the flowers


:+1: nice yeah I always need my medicine hahahaha
And you don’t want back issues they suck lol


Lol I already have a bad back likes to spasm out in impulses sucks lol but thats what happens when you work hard also have tore all my tendons in my left shoulder to my rotator cuff in half almost so left arm is shot and have bad ankles as well as knees lol

Wish i could say I dont but im already to the achy part of life


Northern lights auto from ilgm sorry for this picture its a little fuzzy noticed camera was a tad bit dusty the rest get better though she has been in flower for 8 days today

Gorilla glue sister (she is the little sister same age as the bigger one however assuming shes ready for transplant its been a while)

Other gorilla glue the big sister is on the left, ilgm Afghan on the right

And last of all (for now that is 4 more days more updates of the trainwrecks, super skunk auto, and super silver haze). This one is the ilgm lowryder auto she is 35 days in flower today (5 weeks in flower)


You’re like a mad scientist


Lmao bro I wish…dont get me wrong sometimes I feel like it though lol


Just wanted to show the size of this leaf I love it its from the gorilla glue big sister

Compared to hand first

Compared to 1 gallon tea jug


solar panel!!!lol that is a huge leaf!


Definitely lol! I see them quite often just not on plants so young


A few like this one and we can make a parasol… lol… :wink::sweat_smile::grinning: Are we in Jurassic Park… lol :wink: Man that’s a HUGE one…


Lol right shes only gunna get bigger with age to thats the cool part :slight_smile: