Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


That’s a big fan leaf hahhaha and. You are a mad scientist lol I agree with @Hogmaster majiktoker lol :joy:


Lol thanks for the compliments guys maybe some day soon but not quite yet @Countryboyjvd1971


trainwreck in the back super silver haze in the front

Trainwreck sister

Super skunk auto all by her lonesome for now she has a friend coming out in the next couple days


:heart_eyes: they are looking great and healthy, buddy , Yeah, super skunk gone a have compagny, woohoo


Yea, one of the gorilla glues and an orange kush from a dispensary


I just hope that you don’t have any unwanted surprise visitors… Do you plan to have a little surprise for them :smiling_imp::wink:


Absolutely you know I do lol, cameras are ran, fence is charged and im waiting lol otherwise you and I both bro fingers crossed


Finger crossed , bro, and lol :wink:, just making sure :wink: I knew…


Lol, if any thing goes outside ill be prepared from now on i just dont wanna stop growing outside because i dont want to provoke a home invasion

May look into getting some reg seeds that i can grow for the hell of it outside then if they get taken its nothing to special just some dirt weed in which i wouldnt smoke any ways lol


Good idea, :+1::ok_hand:, anyway, you are prepare and there is nothing like the sungrown… And by putting some poor quality female regular weed, if they succeed, they will be deceived, disapoint , lol :wink: :+1::ok_hand:


Lol exactly and keeps every one out of harms way not that I want them to keep coming back cause I dont but if i can keep violence minimal to none thats a better outcome


Yeah, I agree, anyway, violence always reach for more violence and blood for more blood. … always been and always gone a be like that… So, I have to go for the rest of the afternoon, see ya later brother :laughing: :grinning:


You and I both family day today


Dont wanna hijack SourD’s thread lol are the 9 you have now different variety or same strains, sorry man hard to remember with all the topics I visit in a day


@Hogmaster that was just beautiful instant thought was like like like and about 100 more lol


I have 2 ssh 2 gold leaf -(ilgm) 2 gorilla glue a blueberry (ilgm) a cheeseauto a cheese and Chong and a lemon :lemon: ice


Yeah that picture was my baby


Nice variety that sounds good lol the lemon ice sounds intriguing


Doing one of each one and promix with flower power nutrients in the Fox Farm see how they do


It’s an auto supposed to be good