Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Plus if they steal a male and have some around and keep it alive than it will ruin everything they worked for


Hell yeah you will catch who ever it is :movie_camera::rage:


Yea by any means necessary buddy :thinking:


So every thing indoor is getting flipped to 12/12 tomorrow except for trainwreck sisters super silver haze and super skunk auto.

Going into flower are the gorilla glue sisters, the afghan, and already flowering 5 days into flower the northern lights auto from ilgm, and lowryder auto from here as well she was 30 days in flower today


Figured they looked good enough to update…ssh and tallest trainwreck sister were transplanted and tallest trainwreck was topped. These are super skunk auto, ssh, and trainwreck sisters


No likes when I caught up majiktoker, hate that that Bullstank happened to you bro. I know you work hard and as helpful as you are just don’t deserve it.
However next time I’m planning vengeance, I know where ,or who to tag!


Lol your to funny @Nug-bug, though its not vengeance more setting up protection and home security


34 days in flower if you zoom in or blow this picture up you can see all the delicious colors


beautiful!! :drool: damn no emoji lol


Lol thanks man full pictures come tomorrow of every one I have left


My outdoor Afghan since we had that storm I lost everything that was outside practically but here she is

butter currently it’s going to be something they get you high but the circumstances made me so mad I just threw it on a jar and it’s getting cooked


Lol the feeling is mutual bro I lost every thing outside as well she looks good though


We had a hailstorm that just ripped everything seen her two days prior look perfect went to days after the hailstorm look like bud rot it was awful



And that was five minutes after it started by the time it done the grass everything look like it snowed 3 inches


Looking good @Majiktoker just saw the update on train wreck and ssh :+1:


Aw man that sucks Ive been through that as well sorry for the loss bro daggum hailstorms


It’s OK I have nine inside that’s part of mother nature


Lol same here thieves got 2 and i have 9 remaining lol


There is one from today of a lowryder flower has beautiful colors @Countryboyjvd1971