Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Two new ilgm Afghan

She will be the indoor of the siblings she just sprouted today

Afghan 1
The outdoor Afghan will not be fed. Awaiting Afghan 3 sprouting, hopefully she will sprout by morning we will see


@Hogmaster thought id tag you to do the Afghans together


Lookin good brother


It’s good to see you have a started a new journal, my friend :grinning::innocent: this is a good start :+1::ok_hand:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Congrates on the new born



Really glad that I caught your journal looking forward to seeing a beginning to end journal from you thanks .


@Niala, @garrigan62, @Hawkeye_diesel, @Oldstoner

Thanks for following to guys, i thought these ladies would be fun to start a journal on start to finish, there are no comparisons in this grow just mainly guidance, @garrigan62 thanks brother how are you


@Majiktoker absolutely I’d say here in the next few days I should be able to go ahead and put outside I don’t think we have any more temperatures under 40° but where I’m located if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes they could be 80 today and 20 tomorrow but I’m about ready to put it outside


@Niala, my pleasure brother hope its a good one :slight_smile:


@Hogmaster, I totally agree you here that alot where im at as well. I gotta wait for mine to get a good head start and shell be going outside as well.

Weather seems great about the same as here nights have been high 50’s days high 70’s low 80’s


I finalely get 3-4 hours of rest, I should be good :grinning::+1:


Sweet :+1: any big plans my friend


When are you planning on putting yours outside


About 1 week maybe 2, hopefully 1 week though


Let me know the day before that way I can plan on putting mine in the ground the same time you do


This is going to be fun


@Niala I wanted to wish you happy birthday brother


Yes sir will do, feel free to share your Afghan photos here as well as we go along my friend


Absolutely I say we just make it one good old fashion Afghan I Know @ktreez420 has one he is going to do also be awesome to have all three of them on here


Time for my 9 o’clock bong hit lol