Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


I`m in the process of building a room inside of a larger shop, but I have the seeds, Amnesia Haze, Super Skunk and OG Kush. I just need more time in a day…


ILGM 100% germination

Then I put them in rockwool
Uploading: 20181118_131548.jpg…

Then put up the 125w bulb


@peachfuzz how high above your canopy do you run your lights? I’m thinking with mine, I would have to be higher, but I’ve been wrong before. What do you think Sinsei


About 25 inches from glass to canopy … but really I determine height by how big of a footprint I need and adjust accordingly… :wink:



Can u describe that light? 125 actual watts? Looks like a LED or CFL… gotta link?


It’s a CFL 125 actual


Then id jack it up higher then that. 125 n baby seedling? 8 inches is more then enough light for her to show her face too


As @ fano_man said, it’s a 125w cfl 6500k


On the other site, not Amazon, type in 125w cfl bulb


Check out this 138watt cfl


Today we had twins.


@DoobieNoobie @raustin
I sent my money, got an email they received my money and said my order would be “mailed” the next business day. How do I access the forum?


They should email you a link invitation to the lab. Once you click that link it’ll take you to the lab to set your password and screen name. Check your spam folder just in case.
Looks like this. If you don’t get it today you might email them to check.


Yes, exactly what, @DoobieNoobie said.


I got an email, put in my info and went to lab forum, made a post. Now I’m here, how do I get back


Follow that link they sent you in email again. Because it’s private it’s more difficult to find.


Do I have to do that every time


Just save the link somewhere convenient, like your desktop.


I went back to the one that said activate account. When I clicked on the link it said already activated


Try this: