Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Will be doing Uncle Bobby’s Gold Leaf. When you see me screwing up, and I will, please bring it to my attention.
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Let’s do this thing



I’ll be watching Sir


Got to go stay with my mom today while my dad goes to the doctor. Mom has Alzheimer’s and can’t be left alone. Tomorrow I will have to clean and sanitize grow room to get it ready. @peachfuzz talking about your lights, do you think it would benefit me any to turn my ballast down to 600 other than savings on light bill? Or do you feel the benefit is the 4500k?


I’m watching. Have a great grow!


@Big123 is this you


Not me, inspiring nonetheless, 2019 outdoor grow will be epic…


Thanks for the tag. I’ll be following along for sure.


get-r-done @Grandaddy013


Afraid I won’t be much help with this. My grows are struggling this time around I bet that chiller will make the difference


Here with :popcorn: a lawn :couch_and_lamp: n a :stew: (diff kinda bowl tho) :joy::joy:

Good luck


No I don’t think turning it down is going to help…it might save on your bill , but the bulb won’t be burning the way it was ment too…
You just need to try and find some 4500k bulbs…
Look up a place online called (batteries plus bulbs) that’s where I go for all of my bulbs… :wink:
How much weight did you end up with… had to be close … for sure over 2 lbs…?


Hell yea bro im tuned in … I just got my trees from early plant into mason jars seeing fruits of my labor is great . Can’t wait to see what rest do… I’m getting excited are you gonna do the perpetual from this and ur doing hydro again right? Try a little SOG in dirt between your big plants … Y not


He won’t have any room… plants will suffer…
Totally different styles of growing… :wink:



How often do you burp for long do you leave it open and how long does this go on for


Thanks @Grandaddy013, I believe I will tag along observing through my bloodshot and squinty eyes with a big ole smile on my face brother…


fano_man…burping starts after 4 days of open air drying. Once dry enough, place in air tight containers…mason jars. place somewhere cool…open two or three times a day till it dries out more. Then once a day for several weeks. Leave open for 20 minutes or so…not critical, then reseal.


Thank you bro good to know I’m on the right track and I’m Ind if glad i had to cut one down early and got to do a cureing experiment run :+1::+1:now I’ll no what to do for the masses


The first couple days in jars i may leave lid off for 20 seconds to 20 minutes, depending on moistness, then go to just once a day for at least a couple weeks, then to every few days, to once a week or every other week a couple times, to just grabbing buds out when needed after that last burp stretch.


On watching, best of luck!