Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


@Grandaddy013 GG #4 has great after taste, strong punch, in my opinion it doesn’t look very impressive, or smell particularly potent, however, it brings a great high with body to it.

I’m growing more in the Spring.


What’s a chiller?


Water cooler for a hydroponic reservoir to keep it at 60f-70f


Oh ok. I’m new grower so I know very little and even less about hydros


If you ever want to dive into hydro you can fine lots of help here


This is a great board. Members are eager to help.
The common bond we all share.


Is it good for nighttime? Will it make you stupid stoned?
Inquiring minds want to know


@peachfuzz talking about recirculating pump increasing reservoir temperature. I see how a submersible would, but will running one in line do the same


It lasts well over 4 hours, stupid stone mileage will vary, seems to fade in and out for me.


I’m here, pretty much everyday, just haven’t been posting a ton lol


I’ve never used an inline pump on any of my set ups… but I would think that the pump would still get hot with continuous running… plus I dont really see the point in continuously running the pump… it’s just there for water transfer… if I get a ratio of 1 1/2 to 2 times water transfer for the total amount of water being used for 30 minutes of run time , I think that’s more then enough water movement … :wink:
So then it’s just a matter of how many times it kicks on throughout the day… I shoot for 6 times for 30 min divided evenly… seems to work just fine… :wink:


With the new chiller, I have to have it running continuously, to circulate it through the chiller.


I would imagine that the heat generated in res water will vary depending on the pump size and reservoir volume it sits in. Smaller pump in bigger res should generate less overall temperature rise.


@bryan Hes talking about an inline pump… not really the same thing as a pump sitting inside of a res… :wink:
Also @Grandaddy013 I would not run nutrients through your new chiller… there just going to f#ck it up… nutrients are extremely hard on equipment… I would go by a 100 foot roll of wirsbo or copper and hook it up to the chiller and run clean water through it and throw a 100 foot coil of wirsbo in your master trash can and that will chill the water… kinda like one of those things that you make beer with… :grin:
That chiller will be dead in 3 grows if your running those nutrients and stuff through it… :wink:



I’m spraying my roots with the rec pump and right now my res temp are low 60s and need heat. In the summer i’ll fireup the chiller
I run small pumps 70-110GPH not sure how much heat they produce.


I run pond pumps that are about the same gph… no need for a chiller… I got ac… room temps never any higher than 76 degrees… no issues… in flower… in vegg , who gives a $hit… temps hit 81 degrees and still no issues… :grin:



There are plenty of pumps maybe not for hydro application yet that have intake side and impellers on a decent size shaft to keep the water away from the motor housing its self…when i have thought about going hydro every idea i had points back to a pool pump but im also thinking about larger scale like a whole bed room or a house easily… I would use a 2" pool pump bush the 2inch line up to 4 inch so it reduces the pressure right away from your four inch line you TEE off and bush down to half inch half inch line goes to your totez Nd. Has a pvc 1/2 inch ball valve to throttle the flow into tote entering at the top of the tote second inlet gravity feeds the water back to main rez and with multiple tanks gravity feeding a resivoir it will definatley keep up with the need of the pump re entering lines have to eaqual double the volune of the suction size of the pump and it will keep up very energy efficient and easy to hookup larger operation… My .02$ chiller after the pump if need beair stones in the totes viola!


@Holmes who is middle Tennessee? Obviously someone that doesn’t want to mess with UK


After losing to the VOLS I was wondering WTF happened, just happy to be where they are I guess. The Dawgs dismantled the Minutemen, but we knew that was gonna happen huh. Cant wait to get my new grow area going, all these big bud pictures are making me antsy... oh well Ill just smoke another fattie, and be happy.


My seeds have germinated and I will put them in the rockwool today. Excited about this grow