Gold Rush with the new chiller. Still looking for 3lbs


Hey can u send cash for seeds?


Yes, they take cash.


Sweet looks like I might go ilgm then … I gotta say I’m not very impressed with there rarity of there genetics they are pretty generic there a few that interest me but just not as much as so.e other seed banks but I dont have any experience with them so the comfortablityy factor of “home” will probably win… I’d be pissed to go with a scam site and not receive


If you buy with cash from ILGM you will get your seeds, I promise. I’ve only had good experiences with them.


Yea the security factor out ways the other factors by far I dont no about you but I hate giving money away when you weren’t planning on it😉


Each time, for me it is 21days from the day I mail cash to arrival. I think they quickened it since then.


I’ve always had good experiences with them


I’ve mailed cash several times, always received the seeds with ILGM. I’ve mailed cash to a couple other places and also always received seeds.



My buddy did last order and we had falling out so it’s up to me, bag seed, or clones and I’ve already done 2 of the 3 and I’m going for others strains …
Gorilla glue bag seed was not viable had 20 none lasted past cotyledon out of 8 I tried maybe I’ll try again another time but I’m trying to get up and running not trying to any experiments …time to recoup this bread with what I know …when I get rich I’ll have an experiment room until the. Its FACTS and good genetics… monster cookies bag seed is finally spitting 5 points consistantly


I sure like their recording studio


Reminds me of family reunions, a little homemade whiskey, a little homemade wine, a lot of homegrown( ass kicking skunk) and a whole lot of pickinand grinning (rest in peace ROY) . True Southern fun. Happy Thanksgiving @Grandaddy013 and to the entire ILGM family. Even if you are not in the US or do not observe the holiday,surely you have something to be thankful for. GOD bless us all.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, buddy. Roy was a good one. I’ve done a little banjo picking myself, back in the day


Moved the girls to their forever home. They look like they are ready to go.

@peachfuzz I’ve got 4 airstones in each container with equal length air lines.

Let’s get this party started :grin:


Lookin good my friend… :wink:



Hell yea I’m right behind you man I might transition mid perpetual I dunno lol scary to put all eggs In 1 basket that i have no idea how to carry lol I wanna go with 4 plants in each tote with 3 different totes in different stages of life


Looks like a great start.


@peachfuzz yeah, it’s me again. You thought you could hide, but I tracked you down. I am planning on getting some new hoods this spring.

How close do you think I will be able to run them? (1,000w)
Inquiring minds want to know


That’s really up to you… those are some nice hoods tho… it really depends on your tables…
I have two that are next to each other in the middle of the room and a 3rd at the end of the room kinda by its self in it’s own little area but they are all vented together with one 8 inch 1000 cfm extractor fan that acts as my exhaust and light cooler and also brings in the freash air if I’m not running co2… :wink:
I would probably have to draw it on paper because its almost impossible to get any pics because of how everything is laid out… :wink:



@Holmes today @ 4. Be there


Dang, DAWGS! 7 points up 9 min. to go, heartbreaking.