Food that makes people happy 😁

This is the first wedding cake I ever made.


Here’s a few





I think I could devour about half a dozen with the munchies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

They look deliciosso @Woodrow :v:


@Woodrow All I can say is DAYUM!!! :fist::yum::drooling_face: Now I got the munchies!!! :rofl::sweat_smile::laughing::v::call_me_hand:


Slow cooked Pork with potatoes, carrots, onion, apple and pineapple with sweet n sour gravy. Typical make it up as you go job.


Looks scrumptious my brother :yum:

I’ve just come back from my yearly camping trip/party, fun was had by all, my Canna Caps were a party favourite, but everyone steered clear of my brownies for some reason…

Does anyone remember this guy, from last year?


Smoked to perfection

The food was amazing like always,
But I was too high and having too much fun to get many pics…

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Check the old Boys bush mechanics, he calls it the “Hotseat”


And who doesn’t love a log chimney…

:v::green_heart: :smiley:


Looks like a great time was had by all.
Awesome on the trip brother. :+1:

Hard to forget that pose. :joy::joy:


Chicken breast seared in a skillet with olive oil, turmeric, and ground black pepper. It’s really good, and good for you.

I made some yesterday. Haven’t had it for a good year or so.


I :green_heart: turmeric, it is so delicious and amazing for you :+1:

Thanks bro,
hope you are well my friend :v:


@shady424 I bet you could make some good contributions here being the awesome cook that you are.


I’m doing some crispy cannabis pork carnitas tonight with a grilled cofn salsa I’ll post up later when I start it


So my basic recipe I’ll post pics late the corn I season and put some thc honey on it and grill chop red onion jalapeños and I use lemon skunk terpenes also the juice of two lemons and some zest. The pork is seasoned I have my special seasoning that I use with kief involved. I first sauté that off in the instapot with some infused coconut oil then add a mojo sauce orange limes and some margarita mix. Pressure cook that for an 35 mins when it’s done I then shred the pork and I cast iron crisp it up I use a little maple syrup at this point it is so delicious I’ll post some pics later of the process it is so good though one my best dishes I made was the chicken crepes that recipe will come later. And my bruschetta Is to die for literally


Did a little defoliation today so…

Home extruded fettuccini, homemade cashew “alfredo” sauce with some pesto and fan leaf added.


one of the key ingredients is the fan leaves I use them instead of parsley or cilantro in any dish now why let them go to waste it’s a great herb to chop up fresh in any dish and ph yeah don’t forget the terpenes super lemon haze was used in the pork marinade and gelato was used in the corn salsa if anyone wants full recipe lmk and I’ll try and post it but the most important thing is you tailor it to your liking also and make it with love and nothing is more joyous than watching people moan when eating your dish that’s how you know you nailed it when you have foodgasms going on all around the table.


My dog you boys know how to have some camping fun! :heart_eyes:


Well in honesty, I censor most of it because it’s not suitable for this forum



Yes please, I’m always keen trying other people’s recipes, it’s exactly why I created this thread,
so Gromies around the world could try each other’s foods and make their own mouthgasms :laughing: :v:


So the corn salsa I butter the cobs then drizzle a nice thc cbd 1 to 1 honey on it a little salt pepper chili powder then I grill the corn dice a red onion and some fan leaves the juice and zest of two limes and two jalapeños i used the gelato terpenes in this it was delicious. So after corn is grilled cut off the kernels and mix salsa is done. Now with the pork you can season however you like I have a nice maple sage pork seasoning that’s really good among some other seasoning I use again this is to your taste preference I then seat the pork off in the instapot on sauté mode then add some mojo sauce you go an get Goya I use a small amount of margarita mix and some fresh squeezed orange juice then pressure cook for 30 mins. After that’s done I shred the pork in a bowl and use a nice maple bourbon syrup and I finish the pork off in the cast iron pan adding some of the broth and cooking down to reduce the liquid the pork should b crisping up this way. Once liquid is reduced next is to assemble your carnita and enjoy. I know it’s not an exact recipe but it’s the basic guidelines again make this dish your own. I sear the pork in an infused coconut oil I make.


@CygnusX1 foodgasms LOL. GREAT!
@Enlightened420 mouthgasms! LOL
Lots of Gasms going on in here!