Food that makes people happy 😁

Made up some pesto tonight.

Basil, fan leaves, garlic salt, parm cheese, walnuts, crushed red pepper, and olive oil.


Sounds like a good idea I’m going to try it a friend sent us 6 dozen farm eggs from his free range chickens and the yolks are orange they are delicious but I want to use them before go bad. I’m trying to be more healthy with my new puppy she loves carrots and green beans, raw celery she squeezes the juice out and leaves the strings. Only thing she hates honey, onion and lemon. I’ll bookmark this thanks again. :hugs::hugs:

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I want to try to make noodles. I’m inside today and break in heat. Starting at 2am we have received 1inch of rain an hour so 6 inches so far and still raining, flood watches etc. I should try noodles or make bread this thread always puts me in mood to cook

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I have the better than chicken but not familiar with the last ingredient


I’ve been wanting to do a fan leaf pesto for a while. Now


@Amazon66, I just googled it…

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Thank you do you think it’s good for them?

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Definitely, just read the ingredients, I’m sure it would include necessary nutrients and vitamins.

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Here you go Re Re;
Mrs Enlightened had to work tonight, so…

I had been vaping and chomping edibles all day, so I had a fierce case of munchyitis…

I couldn’t decide between garlic prawns and pasta

So I didn’t, decide that is…

A little bit of seasoning…

And because there’s no one here to get cranky at me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Beef fillet cooked medium :yum::drooling_face:

Bona fide streaks,
from licking my plate clean

Hope everyone enjoyed that as much as I did :crazy_face:


This is how you can tell I’ve enjoyed a meal too! It cracks my Mrs up! But I’m not allowed to do it in public lol


Me either Sis, but I still do…
Cause no one tells me how to live my life :rofl: :v:


Fergs Venison meatball and vege soup.
Spinach, Pumpkin, Slaw, Carrots, Onion, garlic, pepper, chili, honey, coffee, soy sauce. Thats all I can remember as its anything I have on hand at the time. Usually some sort of leftovers too.