Fiz's Second Grow - LSD Auto triplets

Probably is. It’s really done us some good in terms of quality of life. My wife has ditched two medications, one of which wasn’t really good for her at all. If looking for someone specific to grow I would consider Harlequin or Cannatonic.

If you take it slow and start with small dosing I’m sure you can find something that will help for day time use.


Thanks! I’ll take a look. It’s taking me forever to make up my mind this time!


I like a blend as well. These (US shipping only, available in all states except ID, NH, SD) are 12.5 mg of THC and 12.5 mg of CBD. Provides a nice mellow, balanced buzz.


Oh nice. I’ll look into that one. Thanks!


That looks like a better product than some of the run-of-the-mill edibles, at least the couple that my husband wanted to try from the dispensary that weren’t good, one in particular was terrible.

These Emily Kyle ones are full-spectrum; that’s good, some of the wording:

“Through gentle CO2 extraction, we capture the whole plant with a range of cannabinoids and terpenes natural to cannabis. These compounds work together synergistically to enhance results. My products are formulated with more than just THC and CBD, including minor cannabinoids, with a blend of cannabis terpenes known to enhance wellness.”

I’m glad to hear that the weed is helping your husband, @Fiz ! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


He just woke up 1/2 hour ago - and he was in bed before I was!


I think I need a new TDS pen. Honestly, the one I have seems to keep changing its mind. But I’m not spending over $100 for one!

Anyone have one they like that’s realistically priced? ( <$50) Or even a lead to a reasonably accurate cheapo?


Fiz, you might be good on seeds at the moment, but in case you didn’t see an email today that ILGM is having a sale on their GG4, fem and auto, that includes a unique 5+5 deal.


I did not see that! Hmmm…


Wow I know how you feel Fiz I have Oa every joints from auto /deisel mech. Hard worker failed fusion L-1 L2 bone on bone pain in heck but I am chemical VA med frree 3 years I hurt still but I can smoke make oil smoke as much as I need. Va can kiss my sliverback butt. They say Marajnua is in your pee. I SAY ok so what! What are you goingto do take away my pain meds! Haha i have None weed is legal

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Same here. My wife has a shoe box full of gummies, vape cartridges, and flower. She asked me to make her more edibles today. Night and day from when I first started growing and I had to figure out how to keep the house from smelling like weed. Now it’s pretty much all her makin’ it stink. :joy:

I’m glad he was willing to give it a go!

I have some Harlequin seeds - just haven’t made it as far as growing them yet. Looking forward to it - I’ll tag you in when I get one rolling Fiz. :v:

Apera makes a fine one. So does BlueLabs. My BlueLabs one was like $70. Granted, my $8 one from Amazon read pretty similar to the fancy one.


How often do you calibrate it?

I look forward to seeing anything you’re growing so I will look for that tag!

Maybe I’ll just replace mine, it may be tired and wants its mother. My readings make no blasted sense so I feel as if I’m flying blind.


Never. I should have calibrated it by now. I calibrate my pH pen once a month. The tds meter should get similar treatment.


I still have $10 one from Amazon circa 2014ish. I don’t think it’s capable of being calibrated, but still works and is fairly accurate to a known nutrient solution.


@Fiz I got this one on ebay for $70 & it was pre-owned but everything was still sealed. This person has the same one at an excellent price & says it’s brand new. This one tests everything. Ph, ec, tds, & all those abbreviations :joy: Also I didn’t put the kief in the oven. How long do you keep it in & what temp & I’ll try again today.


I pulled the plug and bought the $40 apera model. It’s the twin of my pH pen so now I have a matching set. And yes, this one can be calibrated.

So now, if I get weird numbers I’ll know it was my mess up, not the tool. :wink:


Just had to go back to remind myself when I flipped. July 17, so nearly at the end of week 3 since. Sally has gotten really big and wide and is loaded with hedgehogs. Trixie is getting hers also but she still looks funky.

Oh well, I’ve grown some funky looking plants to completion, so I haven’t given up hope on her.

They didn’t get watered yesterday, they are probably gasping for a drink. Best to get my behind up there. I’ll remember my phone this time and grab some pics.


Here’s the girls -

Trixie is finally putting out healthy new growth.

Sally needed her light turned down a bit.

They have both gotten pretty large. If I let Sally have her way, she would likely fill the tent.


Hey Fiz when u get a chance would u go to our grow journal is called M.W.P.P’s grow journal I personally think all my plants our now in veg but would like a few opinions on them and any advice.